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Looking to Publish Your Student Life Hacking Expertise?

April 15th, 2008 · Be the first to comment

In search of a few good writers…

One my favorite student life hack bloggers, Gideon from Mindful Ink, has recently decided to move his blog into a collaborative format. He’s looking for a few good writers to join the cause.

I’ve always been a fan of Gideon. He brings a needed dash of literate intelligence and introspection into a topic area that’s often too quick to wax triumphantly over the latest improvements to our to-do list font size (I think Martin over at the University Blog also fits this intelligent productivity guru profile.)

Anyway, if you’re looking to do some smart writing at a great venue, check out Gideon’s invitation.

(I should also mention, for the graduate students among you, that the always quality Academic Productivity blog has also recently opened their doors to guest writers.)

Weekend Links: Live to 100, Conquer Anxiety, Balance Ambition with Relaxation and Start a Project Log

April 6th, 2008 · Be the first to comment

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

Links that I like better than UCLA because they didn’t lose to Memphis and destroy my bracket:

  • The Centenarian Strategy: Life / Career Issues When You Will Live to 100 | Ben Casnocha
    Ben digs up a fascinating Rutgers commencement speech from 1996. The setup: it’s likely that those of us in our 20’s today will live active lives until we are 100. The question: how does this change the way we should plan our life and career?
  • Job Series — That About Wraps it Up | Hack College
    The guys (plus gal) over at Hack College just wrapped up a multi-part series on how to get a job. If you figure this is something you might have to do sometime (the horror!), the series is worth checking out. (Though I still have a hard time imagining Kelly and friends as productive citizens in the working world…)
  • Beat anxiety before it beats you | The University Blog
    Martin tackles a topic that afflicts all students, even though most think they are the only one facing it: anxiety. As usual for Martin: effective, well thought-out advice.
  • The Incredible Power of Contement | Zen Habits
    Every time I read an article by Leo and imagine him, playing with his six kids, living by the beach in Guam, blogging full-time, running marathons, and, I assume, sipping tropical drinks in a hammock and just generally enjoying life — I can’t help but feel optimistic. This recent article is a dead-on match to a lot of the Radical Simplicity-infused dogma I’ve been pitching your way recently. It talks about balancing ambition with relaxation. I couldn’t agree more with his conclusions.
  • One Project: One Project Log | Getting Things Done in Academia
    The crew over at GTDA discusses how to take the staple of the science laboratory — the project log — and use it help manage all the projects in your life. I’m fascinated. You might be hearing about my own log-based system in the near future…

Weekend Links: Radical Simplicity Edition

March 16th, 2008 · Be the first to comment

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

In honor of the Radical Simplicity Manifesto, this week’s link post celebrates advice for simplifying your student life and focusing on what’s important.

  • The Curve of Life | Ben Casnocha
    Ben discusses a talk by management guru Charles Handy. The focus is the curve of life — a sinuous trajectory that dips, rises, then falls. Handy claims that most life endeavors follow this up and down trajectory. The key, says Handy, is to to spawn a new curve before the current one begins its degredation.
  • The Big Secret Key to High School Success | Gearfire
    The folks over at Gearfire invited a high school student to write a guest post. The student choose to focus on what he discovered to be the key to having a successful high school career. What is it? I’ll give you a hit, it starts with a “b,” but you’ll have to follow the link to learn the rest.
  • Where are the aids for increased genuine productivity | Life Hack
    Over the past month or so, Life Hack writers have been waging an unofficial war against the generic concept of productivity — challenging the definition and questioning its universal goodness. This post is a good example of what this thread is about. In it, Adrian redefines productivity to center on expending less effort not accomplishing more things. Amen.
  • Arete: The Meaning of Life | Scott Young
    Scott’s been blogging recently about the concept of “Arete” (a terrible word but exciting concept). In essence, the idea of arete is seeking extreme quality in everything you pursue. In this post, and another, Scott has begun the work of spinning a life philosphy around the concept. I think he’s on to something interesting here.
  • Twitter – A Success Story | Hack College
    Kelly over at Hack College talks about how random twittering got him a free pass to SXSW; a good parable on the value of leaving time in your life to explore, and experiment, and seek out crazy random opportunities. (The Hack College crew seems to be constantly flying around the world and attending random, interesting conferences. They’re a great example of how to have an excellent, engaging time at college without overloading yourself with a dozen obligatory on-campus activities.)

A Rap Star and a Rhodes Scholar Walk Into a Bar…

February 29th, 2008 · 7 comments

I’ve just published a new article in Flak Magazine:

On the Making of a Rap Song | Flak Magazine

In this piece, I follow a Manhattan-based rap musician through the creative process surrounding the creation of a new song. Here’s an interesting insight: the majority of the time spent working by the musician did not produce any usable output. He invests hundreds of hours listening and rapping and recording for every complete song that might make it out of his studio.

Something to keep in mind in your own quest to find your inner Rhodes Scholar. To be really good at something means, perhaps, having a very high quality threshold, and the willingness to cull all efforts that fall below it.

Weekend Links: A Single Note Card, Being Happy, and Fighting Deathly Schedules

February 10th, 2008 · 2 comments

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

Links That Win More Than Barack Obama

Weekend Links: Self-Knowledge, Less Info Clutter, and Disturbing Photos

February 2nd, 2008 · Be the first to comment

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

A Collection of Links Stronger than Tom Brady’s Ankle

Weekend Links: E-mail Bugs, Slacker Freshmen, and the Mythology Behind Good Will Hunting

January 27th, 2008 · Be the first to comment

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

Links. Lots of Links. Did I Mention Links?

Weekend Links: Martini Your Way Through Your Dissertation, Don’t Sweat Your Inbox, and Turn Off the Internet

January 19th, 2008 · One comment

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

A Backlog of Burnished Bits of Advice Bombs