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Below are the relevant channels and addresses to contact Cal or the relevant members of his team. For headshots, bios, etc., please see Cal’s media kit

Academic Communication

Any messages relevant to Cal’s role as a computer science professor at Georgetown can be sent to him directly at [email protected].

Please don’t send non-academic messages to this Georgetown address. The proper channels for communication about his books, general-audience articles, podcast, paid speaking, etc., are described below.

Interesting Links

For over a decade, Cal has asked his readers to send him pointers to articles, books, tools, case studies, etc., that he might find interesting. Many of the ideas in his books and articles originate from these messages. Please keep them coming to [email protected].

Note: Cal reads – and appreciates! – every message sent to this address, but due to time constraints, is not usually able to reply.

Interview/Media Requests

Requests for print, TV, and radio interviews should be directed to Cal’s publicists at Penguin using the following address: [email protected].


Any requests, proposals, or inquires related to Cal’s podcast should be sent to his producer Jesse at the following address: [email protected]

To submit questions or case studies for potential use on the show, please follow the instructions here.

Speaking Inquiries

Wesley Neff
The Leigh Bureau
[email protected]

Literary Rights Inquires

Laurie Abkemeier
DeFiore and Company
[email protected]
(212) 925-7744 ext. 110