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In his capacity as an author, Cal is regularly featured in print, TV, radio, and podcasts. Below are some featured examples of recent press coverage.


Making Sense with Sam Harris logo

November, 2022

Making Sense with Sam Harris

Cal and Sam Harris discuss the rise and fall of social media.

The Tim Ferriss Show artwork

February, 2022

Tim Ferriss Show

Cal and Tim Ferriss to discuss craftsmanship and the value of slow productivity.

The Today Show logo

December, 2021

Today Show

Cal appears on The Today Show to discuss the growing interest in time blocking.

Good Morning America logo

August, 2021

Good Morning America

Cal appears on Good Morning America to discuss A World Without Email.

The Here & Now logo

March, 2021

Here & Now (NPR)

Cal appears on NPR’s Here & Now to discuss A World Without Email

The New York Times logo

March, 2021

The Ezra Klein Show

On his third appearance on the Ezra Klein Show, Cal and Ezra discuss A World Without Email.

All Things Considered logo

August, 2019

All Things Considered (NPR)

Cal appears on NPR’s All Things Considered to discuss whether or not email was a mistake.

The New Yorker logo

April, 2019

The New Yorker

Jia Tolentino reviews Digital Minimalism in the pages of The New Yorker.

The Breakfast Club Power logo

April, 2019

The Breakfast Club

Cal appears on The Breakfast Club to discuss the dangers of social media and the power of digital minimalism.

The Wall Street Journal logo

January, 2019

Wall Street Journal

Cal is the subject of the WSJ’s Weekend Interview.

GQ logo

January, 2019

GQ Magazine

Cal argues that we’ll one day look back on smartphones like cigarettes.

Hidden Brain logo

July, 2017

Hidden Brain (NPR)

Cal appears on NPR’s Hidden Brain to discuss the value of deep work in an age of distraction.