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In 2020, Cal launched a podcast called Deep Questions with Cal Newport. On this show, he answers questions and shares case studies from his readers on all topics relevant to the quest to live and work deeply in an increasingly shallow world.  The show was a hit, accumulating over 7,000,000 downloads in its first two years, and continuing to grow ever since.

Cal Newport in his studio

In the spring of 2022, Cal began releasing videos of full podcast episodes, as well as shorter clips of popular segments, on a new YouTube channel. More recently the channel has grown to also include original video productions on the general theme of living a deep life. This channel is a good entry point into the ideas discussed on Cal’s show.

Cal Newport's The Deep Life website screenshot

In the fall of 2022, Cal launched to be the online home for his growing catalog of multimedia productions. is where you can now find all of Cal’s audio and video content, including the full archives of every podcast episode, including show notes and clips, and all of his videos.

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