Announcing The Email Academy

My new book, A World Without Email, which comes out on March 2nd, is available for pre-order.

For multiple reasons, pre-orders are much more useful than normal sales, so if you were already thinking about buying my new book, I want to humbly nudge you toward considering a pre-order.

To demonstrate my sincere thanks to those who take the time to help my book in this manner, I wanted to put together the coolest possible incentive. This is how I came up with the idea of creating a brand new online course, available only to readers who pre-order the book, that features me breaking down the main ideas of the book and giving concrete advice on how to put them into action.

I call this course The Email Academy. It features a collection of short video lessons, taught by me, that summarize the big ideas of my book, and then walk you through a step-by-step game plan for putting the ideas into action right away.

The game plan I outline lasts two weeks and aims to immediately reduce the amount of email you receive by 50%, with even bigger reductions to follow. I further break out and customize the advice for employees, small business owner/team leaders, and executives of bigger organizations.

I’m making this course available only to people who pre-order the book. On registering your pre-order using the form below, you will be given the website address and special access code needed to access The Email Academy starting March 2nd.

To further thank you for your purchase, you’ll also be immediately given a long excerpt from the book that outlines the main ideas, allowing you to get started moving toward a world without email while waiting for your copy of the book to arrive in March.

Instructions for Accessing these Bonuses

Step #1: Pre-Order the Book.

If you live in the US, you can pre-order from AmazonBarnes & Noble, or a local bookstore (as well as many other retailers). If you live in the UK, you can pre-order the UK edition at Amazon UK.  (The book is also being translated into many other languages, but these will come out later.)

All formats of the book qualify for the pre-order promotion, though all things being equal, buying the physical book is the most helpful.

Step #2: Register Your Pre-Order.

Fill in your contact information and order number from your digital receipt using THIS FORM. Once your order has been verified, you’ll be provided access to a PDF that contains the information you need to access The Email Academy (starting March 2nd) and the bonus excerpt from the book.

(Questions or technical issues can be sent to [email protected].)

15 thoughts on “Announcing The Email Academy”

  1. I was excited to read the book, but if I read it why would I need to take a course on the same subject, especially in video format conveying even less depth? It seems like marketing ploy. I think you underestimate your readers if you assume they are unable to read your books and subsequently summarize the key points and contextualize them appropriately.

    The book description on Amazon’s site says, “A World Without Email will convince you that the time has come for bold changes, and will walk you through exactly how to make them happen.” If the book in fact does this, a course shouldn’t be a selling point for pre-order. If it doesn’t, readers are being misled.

    • Neither a book or a course can teach you everything. Neither a book or a course can get through all the issues linked to the main ideas. That’s why I can read Plato or books on him but I might also need a course on his philosophy (or viceversa). A course and a book usually have a totally different focus, speed, requirements, and details. For example, during the course Cal could go into a series of detailed tips and tricks for Outlook settings that match the philosophy of the book; I would hate for this in a book.

    • I assume so, Richmund. Step ? 1 says, “All formats of the book qualify for the pre-order promotion, though all things being equal, buying the physical book is the most helpful.”

  2. We have other booksellers in the UK – no need to feed the Amazon monster! Blackwell’s, Waterstones, and Wordery (which ships free worldwide) are all great.

  3. This book can’t get to me fast enough. I just read the introduction PDF that comes with the pre-order. I’ve been trying to get my small team moving away from the “Hyper Active Hive Mind” towards more-structured workflows for more than a year. We make small gains only to devolve back to the hive mind mentality over and over.

    The biggest problem isn’t us–it’s our clients. They’re living in the hive mind world, and we’re a part of their hives. Looking for answers…hope to find some gems in the new book!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Cal

      I’m a long time reader/listener of your work which has assisted me immensely in my personal, professional and academic life and pursues – thank you.

      I live in New Zealand and would really like to help you spread the word by pre-ordering your new book. You detail on the pre-order page options for ordering in the US and UK, but nothing for the rest of the world (hope I didn’t miss it). Is there a way to access the pre-order book in/from NZ?

      Very much look forward to hearing from you, and of course, keep up the good work Prof Productivity Dragon wrangler!

      Kind regards,

  4. That´s a great idea, Cal
    Giving exclusive access to your podcast transcripts to the people who pre-oder A World Without Email is also a great idea.
    I believe many many people really want that so this would be a great incentive.

  5. Ordered the book and a few of your older ones. Really looking forward to reading this and learning a thing or two.

    The intro PDF is great and as a budding entrepreneur, I am confident I can implement some of the changes that will drive value for me. However, I fear that most organisations have the “Hyper-Active Hive Mind” in their DNA and it will be a ginormous effort to change this.

    Excited to read the book!

  6. Hi Cal,

    Adrian from Ireland here. I’m Super excited to read the new book. I only discovered you about a year ago when researching for a fantasy themed Productivity/Accountability app I’m making, part of a fantasy themed mental health app trilogy. I’ve come to realise being productive and engaging in Deep and Meaningful Work is actually a primary key to mental health as well.

    I’m trying to incorporate as many of the concepts as I can from Deep Work, Atomic Habits and the 5am Club. I wonder am I allowed to include quotes from your books as well as links to your book stores?

    Kind Regards,


  7. Hello, I purchased the audio-book but missed the pre-order offer. I really enjoyed the book. Is there any way to obtain the pre-order items? I would really like to put into practice and influence my organization to adopt different ways of working along the lines of what I heard in the book. Grateful for any info you can offer!


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