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April 2024
Two Chances to See Me Next Week

March 2024
Can You Tweet Your Way to Impact?
ChatGPT Can't Plan. This Matters.
Come See Me Saturday in DC + TikTok Falters

February 2024
How the Acquired Podcast Became a Sensation
Heschel on the Joys of Slowness

January 2024
My new book: Slow Productivity
On Slow Writing

December 2023
On Metrics and Resolve
Standing Up to Technology

November 2023
Neil Gaiman's Radical Vision for the Future of the Internet
Should This Meeting Have Been an Email?

October 2023
The Quiet Workflow Revolution
On Disruption and Distraction

September 2023
On Tire Pressure and Productivity
On Tools and the Aesthetics of Work

August 2023
We Don't Need a New Twitter
Edsger Dijkstra's One-Day Workweek

June 2023
When Work Didn't Follow You Home
On the Slow Productivity of John Wick

May 2023
The End of Screens?
On Kids and Smartphones

April 2023
Danielle Steel and the Tragic Appeal of Overwork
My Thoughts on ChatGPT
On Taylor Koekkoek's Defiant Disconnection

March 2023
Meta Rediscovers the Cubicle

February 2023
On Section 230 and the Dream of a More Human Internet
Pliny the Younger on Happy and Honorable Seclusion

January 2023
On Email and Horses
Guillermo del Toro's Inspiration Machine

December 2022
On Quiet Quitting
On Teenage Luddites
Ann Patchett on Scheduling Creativity

November 2022
What Happened When Zapier Cancelled Meetings for a Week? (Hint: Not Much)
Did Early Humans Use To-Do Lists?
Larry June's Slow Productivity

October 2022
On Michael Crichton's Busy Ambition
Professio sano in vitam sanam (on balancing work and life)
On Vampires and Method Writing
Brandon Sanderson Built an Underground Lair in Suburban Utah

September 2022
Your Work Matters. Build Your Schedule Accordingly.
Whitman in the Knapsack: Mary Oliver and the Power of Walking in Nature

August 2022
The Most Important Piece of Career Advice You Probably Never Heard
New Study Confirms the Value of Solitude
TikTok's Poison Pill

July 2022
LBJ's Poolside Phone and the Connectivity Revolution
The 3-Hour Fields Medal: A Slow Productivity Case Study

June 2022
On Wendell Berry's Move from NYU to a Riverside Cabin
Jack Carr's Writing Cabin

May 2022
Inbox Pause? How About an Inbox Reset?
Taking a Break from Social Media Makes you Happier and Less Anxious
My "Oldest" Productivity Strategy
Aziz Ansari's Digital Minimalism
The Real Problem with Twitter

March 2022
Smartphones vs. Science: On Distraction and the Suppression of Genius
John McPhee's Slow Productivity
The Books I Read in February 2022

February 2022
Brandon Sanderson's Advice for Doing Hard Things
Nathan Chen Didn't Bring His Phone to the Olympics
Life of Focus is Now Open
On the Structured Pursuit of Depth

January 2022
Watch Me Answer Your Questions
The Books I Read in December 2021
What Happened When This Online Business Owner Quit Social Media?

December 2021
Analog January: The No Twitter Challenge
Why I Changed My Email Setup
The Books I Read in November 2021

November 2021
The Forgotten Tale of George Lucas's Writing Tower
The Bestselling Magic of the Writing Shed
When Facebook Came Calling...

October 2021
A Pastor Embraces Slowness

September 2021
On the Source of Our Drive to Get Things Done
What Would Happen If We Slowed Down?
Revisiting Parkinson's Law

August 2021
On the Pandemic and Career Downsizing
A $5.5 Billion Reminder that Email is Not Work

July 2021
On Pace and Productivity
On the Myth of Big Ideas
On Twitter Addiction and its Discontents

June 2021
Notes on Quentin Tarantino's Writing Routine
On the Dynamo and Email
Haruki Murakami and the Scarcity of Serious Thought
Sebastian Junger's Focused Retreat

May 2021
Thinking Outside the Home
Luke Skywalker: Digital Minimalist
On Productivity and Remote Work
The Neuroscience of Busyness

April 2021
Favorable Conditions Never Come
The Productivity Funnel
On Slow Productivity and the Anti-Busyness Revolution

March 2021
In Defense of Thinking
On Robert Heinlein's Analog Autoresponder
Combating Zoom Overload with Reverse Meetings
One Step Closer to a World Without Email
Email is Making Us Miserable

February 2021
Jason Fried and I Explore A World Without Email
Steinbeck's Productive Inactivity
Announcing The Email Academy
On Beethoven and the Gifts of Silence

January 2021
Michael Lewis Doesn't "Do" Social Media
David Mellinkoff's Productive Lack of Productivity
A World Without Email
Projects vs. Tasks: A Critical Distinction in Productive Scheduling

December 2020
Theodore Roosevelt's Focused Advice
Andrew Gelman's 4 pm Rule (a Knowledge Work Reverie)
Unpacking Our Dialectical Relationship with Slack
From Instagram to Insistent Goats: Another Life After Social Media Case Study
Rethinking the Internet, Again

November 2020
On Technology and Focus: ASMR, VR, and the First Steps Toward Immersive Single Tasking
When Did Productivity Become Personal?
The Time Blocking Revolution Begins...
Staying Productive on Distracted Days

October 2020
The Stone Carver in an Age of Computer Screens
A Modest Proposal: Deweaponizing Network Effects
My New Planner + The Time Block Academy
Churchill's D-Day Task List

September 2020
On the Neurochemistry of Deep Work
Do Smartphones Make Us Dumber?
Eric Posner Thinks It's a "Serious Mistake" for Law Professors to Use Twitter
Michael Connelly Starts Writing Before the Sun Comes Up

August 2020
Life of Focus: Now Open
Focus Week: Take Control of Your Time
Focus Week: Rediscover Depth
Focus Week: Give Your Brain Some Breathing Room
Returning to a Life of Focus
Ray Bradbury Got It Exactly Right
George R. R. Martin's Pandemic Writing Retreat
Don't Delegate Using Email
On the Subtle Network Science of Optimal Office Communication

July 2020
The Bit Player Who Changed the World
On Confronting the Productivity Dragon (take 2)
On Deep Work Tents and the Struggle for Focus in an Age of Social Distance
Has the Shift Toward Neuro-Productivity Already Begun?
A Deliberate Tribute

June 2020
On the Exceptionalism of Books in an Age of Tweets
On Social Media and Character
Facebook's Fatal Flaw?
Small Steps
Ancient Complications to Modern Career Advice
Answering Your Questions
On Running an Office Like a Factory

May 2020
Can Remote Work Be Fixed? My Latest Article For The New Yorker
The Lost Satisfactions of Manual Competence
Let Go to Grow: On a Blogger's Decision to Trade Social Media for a Quieter Life
The Deep Reset
When Technology Goes Awry
Another Tale of Finding Depth in a Locked Down Life
On Doing Less to Produce More: A Novelist Embraces a Minimalist Lockdown
The Chaotic Factory

April 2020
Building a WWII Bunker in an Office Building
Bring Back Blogs?
Building a Deep Work an Apartment
More on Cultivating a Deep Life: Mindset
Cultivating a Deep Life
Beyond To-Do Lists
The Dichotomy of Email
Beyond the Inbox: Rules for Reducing Email
Task Inflation and Inbox Capture: On Unexpected Side Effects of Enforced Telework
Nick Saban Just Got Email
More Thoughts on Amplifying Meaning in Your Work
Amplifying Meaning with Environment
Work and the Deep Life
Thoreau on Hard Work
On Productivity, Part 3
On Productivity, Part 2
On Productivity and the Deep Life

March 2020
The Inconvenient Popularity of Podcasts and Group Texts
The Deep Benefits of Learning Hard Things
The Underappreciated Impact of the Attention Redistribution Revolution
Benjamin Franklin on the Balance Between Solitude and Company
From the Archives: On Quiet Creativity
Thoughts On Notebooks
From Mammoths to Time Management
Newton's Productive School Break
Carl Jung's Fantastical Retreat
Building a Career that Matters
Bill Gates's Prescient Internet Prediction
On Craft and the Human Condition
The Astonishing Spread of the Victorian Internet
The Deep Life: Some Notes
Text File Time Blocking
Mikhail Botvinnik and the Invention of Modern Chess Training
On Irrational Numbers and Deep Thinking
On Digital Minimalism and Pandemics
More Evidence of Facebook's Negative Impact

February 2020
Top Economists Study What Happens When You Stop Using Facebook
Alfred North Whitehead's Awe-Inspiring Focus
Sir William Osler's Advice to Students: Practice Concentrating on Hard Things
On Thomas Edison, Technophobia, and Social Media Criticism
Edward's Analog January

January 2020
The Platform Exceptionalism of YouTube

December 2019
The Analog January Challenge
Charles Dickens's Deep Christmas Strolls
Social Media's Shift Toward Misery
The Advice I Gave My Students
How Social Media Hacked Civic Conversation

November 2019
Reflections on the Disconnected Life
The Danger of Exaggerating the Political Importance of Social Media
A Subtle Mistake About How to Acquire Useful Career Skills
The Obvious Way to Improve Your Career (That Might Not Be So Obvious)

October 2019
On Digital Minimalism, Loneliness and the Joys of True Connection
A Piece of Advice I Wish I'd Included in My Book
The Atomic Minimalist: My Conversation with James Clear
Not All Emails Are Created Equal

September 2019
How Not to Be Alone: Jonathan Safran Foer on the Dangers of Diminished Communication
Our Brains Are Not Multi-Threaded
On the Surprising Benefits of an Un-Mobile Phone

August 2019
Is Our Fear of Smartphones Overblown?
"I Was Lacking in Enough Energy, Time and Attention": Another Digital Minimalism Case Study
On the Art of Learning Things (Ultra) Quickly
"It's Like I Couldn't Stop": A Digital Minimalism Case Study

July 2019
The Dynamite Circle: A Long Tail Social Media Case Study
Blurring Offline and Online: More on the Potential of Long Tail Social Media
Thinkspot and the Rise of Long Tail Social Media

June 2019
Senator Hawley on Social Media: "addiction is actually the point."
Naval Ravikant, Email, and the Future of Work
Franklin Foer on Devoted Attention

May 2019
On the Pleasures and Sorrows of Life Without Screens
Novelist Mark Haddon Quit Twitter. Not Because It's Terrible, But Because It Prevents Him From Being Great
On the Utility Fallacy

April 2019
On Monks and Email
AOC Quit Facebook. The Media Bungled the Story.
Digital Minimalism and Sports
Digital Minimalism and God (Or, is Social Media Undermining Religion?)

March 2019
The Arizona Cardinals Now Give Their Players Phone Breaks
Mike Trout Doesn't Care About His Online Brand. He Just Made $430 Million.
Digital Minimalism and Ancestral Health (Or, Would Grok Tweet?)
On Heidegger and Email
Digital Minimalism for Parents

February 2019
On Sam Harris and Stephen Fry's Meditation Debate
Minimalism Grows...
The Beginning of a Digital Revolution?

January 2019
Adam Savage and the IRL Digital Revolution
Why You Should Pre-Order Digital Minimalism
Are Smartphones Necessary Anymore?

December 2018
Join Analog Social Media
From the Hyperlink to the Stream: Hossein Derakshan's Critique of the Internet in the Age of Social Media
Is YouTube Fundamental or Trivial?
On Blogs in the Social Media Age
My New Book: Digital Minimalism

November 2018
Is Facebook the AOL of the 2010s? A Skeptical Examination of Social Media Network Effects.
On Bryce Harper and the Impact of Social Media on Athletes
On Physician Burnout and the Plight of the Modern Knowledge Worker
You Are Not a Talent Agent (So Why Do You Work Like One?)

October 2018
The Mona Lisa Doesn't Tweet
The Average User Checks Email 5.6 Hours Per Weekday. This Is Not Good.
On the Law of Diminishing Specialization

September 2018
Some More Thoughts on Human APIs
The Human API Manifesto
Habits vs. Workflows

August 2018
Charles Wagner's 100-Year-Old Warning About Social Media
A Brief Summary of the Social Media Reform Movement
Beyond Digital Ethics
On Facebook's Unique Weakness

July 2018
The Peacock in Menlo Park: On Open Offices and Signaling Theory
Open Offices Make You Less Open

June 2018
On Passion and Its Discontents
Digital Wellness for Grown Ups
Jerry Seinfeld's Closed Door

May 2018
Yoshua Bengio's Deep Thoughts on Deep Thinking
Ready Player Productive: On Virtual Reality and Cognitively Demanding Work
Simon Winchester's Writing Barn

April 2018
My New Project, Part 3
Beyond Black Box Management
The Disturbing High Modernism of Silicon Valley

March 2018
On Analog Social Media
Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media
On Social Media and Its Discontents
Stephen Hawking's Radical Thinking
Tim Wu on the Tyranny of Convenience

February 2018
Sebastian Junger Never Owned a Smartphone (and Why This Matters)
Facebook's Desperate Smoke Screen
On Simple Productivity Systems and Complex Plans

January 2018
Alexander Hamilton's Deep Advice
On Seriously Rethinking the Digital Economy
On the Rise of Digital Addiction Activism

December 2017
Tycho Brahe's Cognitive Kingdom
The End of Facebook's Ubiquity?
BuJoPro: Thoughts on Adapting Bullet Journal to a Hyper-Connected World
Jocko Willink On the Power of Discipline

November 2017
On the Complicated Economics of Attention Capital
The Woodworker Who Quit Email
The da Vinci Pause
Sean Parker on Facebook's Brain Hacking
Arnold Bennett's Fight Against Steampunk Social Media

October 2017
Segment's Systematic Quest for Depth
Andrew Wiles on the State of Being Stuck
Jony Ive's iConcern
Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It?

September 2017
Spend More Time Alone
Approach Technology Like the Amish
Franklin Foer on Technology's Surprising Threat to Humanity
Apple's New Open Office Sparks Revolt

August 2017
Toward a Deeper Vocabulary
Are We Going to Allow Smartphones to Destroy a Generation?
How I Read When Researching a Book
Aziz Ansari Quit the Internet

July 2017
Top Performer is Now Open
On Claude Shannon's Deliberate Depth
When Slower Communication Enables Faster Growth

June 2017
John Carmack's Deep Nights
An Early 20th Century Lesson on the Difference Between Convenience and Value
Mike Rowe on Efficiency versus Effectiveness

May 2017
John Grisham's 15-Hour Workweek
Patrick Rhone is Nonline
James Michener's Nomadic Pursuit of Depth
On Steampunk Productivity

April 2017
The Life-Changing Magic of the Inbox Sort Folder
Listen to Baseball on the Radio (with a Book)
Tim Ferriss and the Rise of the Email Miser
Why Are Maker Schedules So Rare?

March 2017
The Obvious Value of Communication is Perhaps Not So Obvious
Our Ancient Attraction to Focus
Yuval Harari Works Less Than You
The Focused Rise of Wesley So

February 2017
The Rise of the Monk Mode Morning
Facebook Phreaks and the Fight to Reclaim Time and Attention
From Tools to Tool Uses

January 2017
On Value and Digital Minimalism
Top Performer is Open
Are You Working In Your Career or On Your Career?
Stephen Hawking's Productive Laziness
On Rooted Productivity

December 2016
Some Thoughts on Transitioning to Digital Minimalism
On Digital Minimalism
From Deep Tallies to Deep Schedules: A Recent Change To My Deep Work Habits

November 2016
Your Most Important Thing Is Not Enough
What I'm Talking About When I Talk About Social Media
The Impact Formula: New Evidence on the Factors that Lead to Breakthroughs
Neil Gaiman's Advice to Writers: Get Bored
Abraham Lincoln's Advice to Voters Unhappy with this Election: Suck it Up.

October 2016
The Opposite of the Open Office
A Famous Rabbi's Advice for Getting Important Things Done
Is Facebook's Massive Open Office Scaring Away Developers?

September 2016
Nassim Taleb's (Implied) Argument Against Social Media
Quit Social Media
On Deep Breaks
Join Me and Scott Young for a Live Conversation on Learning and Study Skills on Monday at 8:30 pm ET
A Productivity Lesson from a Classic Arcade Game

August 2016
Technology Alone Won't Make You Better at What You Do
A Brief Note on Tenure
Email is Most Useful When Improving a Process that Existed Before Email
On Primal Productivity

July 2016
No Email, No Problem: A Workflow Engineering Case Study
From Descartes to Pokemon: Matthew Crawford's Quest to Reclaim our Attention
If You Don't Choose Your Work Habits, Your Habits Will Choose You

June 2016
Aziz Ansari Ignores His Email
Milton Friedman's Deep Work Seasons
Neal Stephenson's Latest Novel Tackles Social Media (Hint: Future Humans are Not Impressed)
The Principles of Immersive Single Tasking

May 2016
Jim Clark on Productivity: Don't Spend Your Day on Social Media, Instead Spend Your Day Building the Next Big Thing
The Deliberate Creative
Top Performer Closes Friday at Midnight
Immersive Single Tasking: Virtual Reality and the Coming Age of Hyper-Productive Work
Top Performer is Open
Edwin Land's Deep Research
Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

April 2016
What We Learned Teaching Over 1000 Professionals How to Practice Deliberately
Talk to Your Boss About Deep Work
Write Longer Emails
Schedule Meeting Margins
To Make Email Easier We Must Make it Harder
Alexander Hamilton's Deep Work Habits
Is Email Sinking the U.S. Economy?
On Using Inspiring Locations to Inspire Deeper Work

March 2016
From Productivity to Workflow Engineering
The Case Against Email Strengthens
Seneca on Social Media

February 2016
Write an Attention Charter

January 2016
The Mind is Like a Locomotive
The Killer App of the Knowledge Economy
Email Zero Is Easier Than Inbox Zero
The Book Facebook Doesn't Want You to Read

December 2015
Resolve to Live a Deep Life
Final Chance to Learn How I Manage My Work
Deep Habits: The Danger of Pseudo-Depth
Tony Schwartz's Internet Addiction (and Why You Should Care)

November 2015
I Want to Show You Exactly How I Prioritize Deep Work in My Busy Life
The Feynman Notebook Method
Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
Shonda Rhimes Doesn't Check E-mail After 7 pm
Richard Feynman's Deliberate Genius
Spend More Time Managing Your Time

October 2015
Deep Habits: WorkingMemory.txt (The Most Important Productivity Tool You've Never Heard Of)
The Power of the Outdoor Office
Top Performer is Now Open
Join Me and Scott Young for a Live Conversation this Weekend
A Productivity Lesson from the Prison Debate Team that Defeated Harvard
On Full Horizon Planning and the Under-Appreciated Power of Workflow Systems

September 2015
Deep Habits: Three Recent Daily Plans
Alexandra Pelosi is Not Buying What Silicon Valley is Selling
How Louis C. K. Became Funny and Why it Matters
Digital Sabbaticals Don't Make Sense

August 2015
Deep Habits: Process Trumps Results for Daily Planning
Einstein Was Boring Before He Was Brilliant

July 2015
Tim Ferriss in a Toga: The Ancient Greeks on Labor and the Good Life
Deep Habits: Write Your Own E-mail Protocols

June 2015
Barack Obama on Craftsmanship
The E-mail Productivity Curve
Pursue Metrics that Matter
Deep Habits: Spend Six Months to Master Skills
Don't Trust Anyone Under 500: Dale Davidson's Unconventional Advice for Graduates

May 2015
The Eureka Myth: Why Darwin (not Draper) is the Right Model for Creative Thinking
Shipping Trumps Serendipity

April 2015
The Original Four Hour Workweek
It's Not Your Job to Figure Out Why an Apple Watch Might Be Useful
Deep Habits: Listen to Baseball on the Radio
What Steve Jobs Meant When He Said "Follow Your Heart"
From Obscurity to Genius: The Deep Life of Yitang Zhang

March 2015
Isaac Asimov's Advice for Being Creative (Hint: Don't Brainstorm)
Deep Habits: Think Hard Outside The Office
Many Senators Don't Use E-mail. This Shouldn't Bother You.
You Are Where You Work: More Examples of Fantastically Deep Working Spaces

February 2015
Compelling Career Advice from Barack Obama
Deep Habits: Work With Your Whole Brain
J.K. Rowling's Magical Writing Hut and the Pursuit of True Depth
This Company Eliminated E-mail...and Nothing Bad Happened
Deep Habits: Work Analog

January 2015
Robin Cook's (Literal) Deep Work
Deep Habits: Use Index Cards to Accelerate Important Projects
Christopher Nolan Doesn't Use E-mail (and Why This Matters to You)
Deep Habits: Read a (Real) Book Slowly

December 2014
Thinking is Uncomfortable but Exciting
Deep Habits: Three Tips for Taming Undecidable Tasks
My New Project, Part 2
Deep Habits: Never Plan to "Get Some Work Done"

November 2014
On Undecidable Tasks (Or, How Alan Turing Can Help You Earn a Promotion)
Deep Habits: Spend Three Months On Important Projects
It's Okay to Be Bad at E-mail
Deep Habits: Obsess When Needed
Warren Buffett On Goals: If It's Not The Most Important Thing, Avoid It At All Costs
Deep Habits: Forget Your Project Ideas (Until You Can't Forget Them)
Doing What it Takes Versus Taking What You Already Know How to Do

October 2014
On the Obsessive Focus of Bill Gates
Deep Habits: Create an Idea Index
How to Win a Nobel Prize: Notes from Richard Hamming's Talk on Doing Great Research
Deep Habits: Conquer Hard Tasks With Concentration Circuits
How We Sent a Man to the Moon Without E-mail and Why it Matters Today
Deep Habits: Don't Web Surf During the Work Day

September 2014
Should You Work Like Maya Angelou or Eric Schmidt?
Deep Habits: Use Dashes to Optimize Creative Output
How the Best Young Professors Research (and Why it Matters to You)
Deep Habits: Jumpstart Your Concentration with a Depth Ritual
A Personal Appeal
Deep Habits: When the Going Gets Tough, Build a Temporary Plan
John Cage on the Necessity of Boredom

August 2014
Deep Habits: Pursue Clarity Before Pursuing Results
The Nuanced Road to Passion: A Career Case Study
Deep Habits: How a Big City Lawyer Uses Weekly Planning to Accomplish More in 45 Hours Than Most Could Accomplish in 100
On the Hardness of Important Things
Deep Habits: Plan Your Week in Advance
Stop Looking for the "Right" Career and Start Looking for a Job

July 2014
Do Goals Prevent Success?
Don't Pursue Promotions: Contrarian Career Advice from Ancient Sources of Wisdom
How to Read Proofs Faster: A Summary of Useful Advice

June 2014
The Concrete Satisfaction of Deep Work
My Deliberate Quest to Read Proofs Faster
Don't Fight Distraction. Make It Irrelevant.

May 2014
Deep Habits: My Office in the Woods
Should We Work Like Novelists?
Why Didn't Dan Kois Quit Facebook?

April 2014
Richard Feynman Didn't Win a Nobel by Responding Promptly to E-mails
Work Accomplished = Time Spent x Intensity

March 2014
Deep Habits: Using Milestones to Get Unstuck
Deep Habits: Should You Track Hours or Milestones?
Would You Buy a Yard Tool if You Had No Idea What to Use it For? So Why Would You Sign Up For Snapchat?
The Student Passion Problem

February 2014
A Useful Reminder: Louis C.K. Was Bad Before He Was Good
Should Gatekeepers be Bypassed or Embraced?
Where's Your F Chord? What Guitar Teaches Us About the Quest for Mastery
The Empty Sky Paradox: Why Are Stars (in Your Professional Field) So Rare?

January 2014
Forget Ideas. Focus on Execution.
New Year's Advice from Epictetus: Don't Get Started
On Quiet Creativity

December 2013
37 Signal's Formula for a Satisfying Career (Hint: It's Not Passion)
Deep Habits: The Importance of Planning Every Minute of Your Work Day
The Difficulties of Depth: A Case Study in Getting Important Things Done
How Dirty Jobs Disrupt the Idea that Pre-Existing Passion Matters

November 2013
E-mail Won't Help You Win a Nobel Prize

October 2013
What's Holding You Back From Your Creative Potential? You Don't Work Nearly Hard Enough.
Why I'm (Still) Not Going to Join Facebook: Four Arguments that Failed to Convince Me

September 2013
Why I Never Joined Facebook
Seeking Examples of Focus
Will You Get Tenure? Replicate the Academic Promotion Process to Get More Value Out of Your Work

August 2013
Why Draper University Won't Work (But Could)
Do You Want To Succeed in College Admissions? Finish Something.
Your Career is Not a Disney Movie
Deep Work and the Good Life
Woody Allen and the Art of Value Productivity

July 2013
Lessons from Rosie O'Donnell's Ten Year Big Break
Why Did Most of Dartmouth's Valedictorians Become Investment Bankers and Consultants? The Need for a Deeper Vocabulary of Career Aspiration

June 2013
The Courage Crutch: A Remarkable Life Requires You to Overcome Mediocrity, Not Fear
An Animated Argument Against Passion
Hacking Deep Work with Project Step Labels
The Deliberate Rise of Stephen King

May 2013
Controlling Your Schedule with Deadline Buffers
Do More By Planning Less: The Power of the Anti-Plan

April 2013
Louis C. K. on Career Capital
In Choosing a Job: Don't Ask "What Are You Good At?", Ask Instead "What Are You Willing to Get Good At?"
Deliberately Experimenting with Deliberate Practice -- Looking for Subjects to Test My Advice
You Can Be Busy or Remarkable -- But Not Both

March 2013
How to Write Six Important Papers a Year without Breaking a Sweat: The Deep Immersion Approach to Deep Work
Prioritizing Deep Thought in a Distracted World: A Case Study
How Can Two People Feel Completely Different About the Same Job? -- Career Drift and the Danger of Pre-Existing Passion

February 2013
On the Art of Ambition
The Single Number that Best Predicts Professor Tenure: A Case Study in Quantitative Career Planning
You Need to Master the Rules Before You Can Reinvent Them
Do You Need Passion to Succeed as an Entrepreneur? Pam Slim's Advice for Starting Your Own Business

January 2013
"Write Every Day" is Bad Advice: Hacking the Psychology of Big Projects
Two Books To Keep On Your New Year Radar
Does Luck Matter More Than Skill?

December 2012
Getting (Unremarkable) Things Done: The Problem With David Allen's Universalism
This Holiday, Give the Gift of Career Confidence

November 2012
Einstein's Rubber Ball
Some Notes on Deep Working
Knowledge Workers are Bad at Working (and Here's What to Do About It...)
My New Project

October 2012
Productivity is Not Dead, Just Downgraded
Mastering Linear Algebra in 10 Days: Astounding Experiments in Ultra-Learning
The Joys and Sorrows of Deep Work
The Importance of Auditing Your Work Habits
My Article in the New York Times and Other Miscellanea

September 2012
Zipcar CEO's Dangerous Advice on Passion
My New Book and a Chance to Speak with Me One-On-One
Steve Jobs's Complicated Views on Passion
I Want to Give You a Free Copy of My New Book
Solutions Beyond the Screen: The Adventure Work Method for Producing Creative Insights

August 2012
Henri Poincaré's Four-Hour Work Day
Following Passion is Different than Cultivating Passion
You Probably (Really) Work Way Less Than You Assume
Experiments with the Textbook Method
Hacking Education with Udemy
You Know What You Write: The Textbook Method for Ultra-Learning
The Recorded Life
Work Less to Work Better: My Experiments with Shutdown Routines

July 2012
Perfectionism is a Loser's Strategy
On Dominating the World

June 2012
On the Remarkably Long Road to the Remarkable
Impact Algorithms: Strategies Remarkable People Use to Accomplish Remarkable Things
What You Know Matters More Than What You Do
Decoding the Impact Instinct

May 2012
Some More Thoughts on Grad School
Facebook's COO Works Less Than You

April 2012
Walking in Merlin Mann's Footsteps and a Book You Should Know About
Do What Works, Not What's Satisfying: Pseudo-Striving and our Fear of Reality-Based Planning
The Father of Deliberate Practice Disowns Flow

March 2012
The Satisfying Strain of Learning Hard Material: A Deliberate Practice Case Study
"Being Very Good at Anything Involves Being Somewhat Addicted": Hard Truth on the Sheer Difficulty of Making an Impact
You're Working too Hard to Make an Impact

February 2012
Don't Know What To Do With Your Life? Seek Bargains.
Can I Be Happy as an Investment Banker? The Difference Between Pursuing a Lifestyle and Following Your Passion
The Start-Up of You
Learn the Landscape Before Putting on Blinders: How to Direct Diligence Toward Remarkable Results

January 2012
Closing Your Interests Opens More Interesting Opportunities: The Power of Diligence in Creating a Remarkable Life
Distraction is a Symptom of a Deeper Problem: The Convenience Principle and the Destruction of American Productivity
A Major Newspaper Wants Your Thoughts On Passion
Intelligence is Irrelevant: An MIT Alum's Advice to a Struggling Student
Beyond Flow

December 2011
How I Used Deliberate Practice to Destroy my Computer Science Final
Flow is the Opiate of the Mediocre: Advice on Getting Better from an Accomplished Piano Player
The Ambitious Minimalist: Musings on Impact, Simplicity, and the Good Life
Abandon Your Big Idea. But Don't Give Up Your Big Ambition.
Is Talent Underrated? Making Sense of a Recent Attack on Practice

November 2011
MindMaple Gives, I Give Back...
Perfectionism as Practice: Steve Jobs and the Art of Getting Good
Complicate the Formula: John McPhee's Deliberate Practice Strategy
If You're Busy, You're Doing Something Wrong: The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers
Welcome to the Post-Productivity World

October 2011
I am Looking for a PhD Student
Citelighter Gives, I Give Back...
Don't Go Pre-Med: My Advice to a Yale Student Worried About Her Future
Seeking the Story Behind Genius

September 2011
Atul Gawande Thinks You're Not As Good As You Think You Are
The Calculus of Remarkability
Is It Possible to Apply the Zen Valedictorian Philosophy in Graduate School?
A Major Paper is Looking for Students to Interview
Thomas Friedman Thinks You Should Stop Whining About Your Passion and Work Harder

August 2011
Interested in Lifestyle Design? Get a PhD.
Don't Quit Your Day Job, Transform It: Why Following Your Passion is the Wrong Way to Find Occupational Happiness
The Career Craftsman Manifesto
Studying by Startlight: Adventure Studying and the Quest to Take Back Control of Your Academic Experience
How to Tutor Your Own Child
The Single Most Useful Lesson I Learned as a Student

July 2011
From "To Do" to "Will Do": Using the Case Method to Defeat Procrastination
I Don't Know Another Science Student Less Stressed Than Me: A Case for Simplicity
How to Cure Deep Procrastination
The Procrastinating Caveman: What Human Evolution Teaches Us About Why We Put Off Work and How to Stop

June 2011
Lab Notes: My Closed-Loop Research System
On Minecraft and the Launch of Project Remarkable
It's Not About You: David Brooks' Contrarian Advice for College Graduates
Quick Hits: My Move to Georgetown, Live Interview, and Experiments with Forced Batching

May 2011
Anatomy of an A+: A Look Inside the Process of One of the World's Most Efficient Studiers
Lab Notes: I Spent 42 Hours Last Month on the Activity Most Critical to My Success

April 2011
On Becoming a Math Whiz: My Advice to a New MIT Student
Dispatch: Rethinking Meaningful Work at the Bluegrass Frat House
The Grade Whisperer: How Do I Start an Impressive Project if I Don't Have an Impressive Interest?
Boston-Area Readers: Come See Me Speak Monday Night in Belmont
Is It Possible to Feel Passionate About Being a Tax Consultant?

March 2011
How to Become a Rhodes Scholar: Decoding the Accomplishments of Elite Students
On the Possibility of Non-Conformity in a Conformist Career

February 2011
Come Meet Me at 7 PM Monday at 303 Frist on the Princeton Campus
Quick Hits: Meet Up in Princeton and the Return of Scott Young's Study Skills Program
How Would You Title a Book about My Ideas on Passion?
Zen and the Art of Investment Banking: When Working Right is More Important than Finding the Right Work

January 2011
Of Pre-Med Schedules and the Possibility of Finishing Your Work Before Dinner
The Race to Somewhere: How to Make the College Admissions Process the Foundation for a Life Well-Lived

December 2010
Learning to Love Your AP History Assignments: How to Hack the Psychology of Student Motivation

November 2010
The Pre-Med and Ira Glass: Complicated Career Advice from Compelling People
The Roberts Method: A Professor's Advice for Falling in Love With Your Major

October 2010
The Passion Trap: How the Search for Your Life’s Work is Making Your Working Life Miserable

September 2010
How Double Majors Can Ruin Your Life: Two Arguments for Doing Less
The Romantic Scholar: A New Approach to Student Life
A Major Newspaper is Looking for Student, Parents, and Professors to Interview About Getting Into Hard Courses
Quick Hits: Come Meet Me and Chris Guillebeau at Harvard Square Monday Night
The Danger of the Dream Job Delusion

August 2010
Passion Must Be Actively Pursued, Not Passively Waited On — Welcome Zen Habits Readers
An Open Letter to Students on the Danger of Seeing School as a Trial to Survive
Study Hacks Hacked!
Quick Hits: Tales of Disconnection, Free Books, and Tips for Aspiring Writers
Beyond the 10,000 Hour Rule: Richard Hamming and the Messy Art of Becoming Great

July 2010
From CEOs to Opera Singers -- Welcome Tim Ferriss Readers
I'm Not Stressed About College Admissions, Why Are You?
The Craftsman in the Cubicle
I Want to Send You a Signed Copy of My New Book
Treat Your Mind as You Would a Private Garden

June 2010
Is Allowing Your Child to Study While on Facebook Morally Irresponsible?

May 2010
In Search of Purpose: Esther Duflo and the Pre-Conditions for Finding Your Life’s Mission
How to Become a Star Screenwriter: A Case Study in Modern Craftsmanship

April 2010
The Upside of Deep Procrastination
Quick Hits: Searching for E-mail Renegades, Rethinking Work, and Listening to Ramit's Take on Student Loans
Why Does the World's Top Mathematician have a Public E-Mail Address?
Corrupted Callings: The Subtle Difference Between Finding Your Life's Work and Loving Your Life
I Got a C on My Orgo Exam! What Should I Do?

March 2010
How to Get Into Stanford with B's on Your Transcript: Failed Simulations & the Surprising Psychology of Impressiveness
How to Become a Star Grad Student: James McLurkin and the Power of Stretch Churn
Quick Hits: Rethinking Remarkable, Deconstructing Star Grad Students, and the Science of Interestingness

February 2010
Want to Get into Harvard? Spend More Time Staring at the Clouds: Rethinking the Role of Extracurricular Activities in College Admissions
Who Are You? Inquiring Minds Want to Know...
On Great Teachers and the Remarkable Life: A Deliberate Practice Case Study

January 2010
Quick Hits: Deliberate Practice for Writers, Entrepreneurs, and Hollywood Superstars
An Argument for Quitting Facebook
Beyond Passion: The Science of Loving What You Do
Action Taken: $4700 Raised & Signed Books Given Away
Take Action, Get a Signed Book
How Ricardo Aced Computer Science Using His iPhone
The Grandmaster in the Corner Office: What the Study of Chess Experts Teaches Us about Building a Remarkable Life

December 2009
Resolve to Make 2010 a Year of Radical Simplicity
If You're Nervous About Quitting Your Boring Job, Don't Do It
The Grade Whisperer: Karen's Overbearing Parents
Two Quick Notes: Volunteers and Steroids
Are You a Guitar Player or Club Owner?
Heidegger with Hefeweizen: Rethinking the Power of Context

November 2009
Are Passions Serendipitously Discovered or Painstakingly Constructed?
A Study Hacks Primer
How to Study for Non-Technical Science Courses
The Grade Whisperer: How Jay Became a Living Incarnation of the Study Hacks Canon
The Fitness Guru: Focus on How Fast You Recover, Not How Much You Do

October 2009
Double Majors Don't Publish Novels
The Hidden Art of Practice
The Grade Whisperer: Rapid-Fire Advice
The Grade Whisperer: Ron's Feeble Focus
Freestyle Productivity: Balancing Systems and Simplicity When Organizing Your Life

September 2009
The Ice Bath Method: Easing Into Painful Projects
Three Ways to Help Spread the Word
The Definitive Guide to Acing Your Schedule
Are You Living Well or Preparing to Live Well?

August 2009
The Rule of One: A Simple Technique to Create a Relaxed Student Life
The Unsinkable Student Organization System
Focus Hard. In Reasonable Bursts. One Day at a Time.
The Danger of Black Box Studying
What is Your Time Worth?
Pruning Your List of What Matters

July 2009
Does Living a Remarkable Life Require Courage or Effort?
Should Your Major Be Your Passion?
Only at MIT...
Grit, Grinds, and Living the Low Stress Life

June 2009
Diligence vs. Ability: Rethinking What Impresses Employers
On the Value of Hard Focus
The Grade Whisperer: Alice Escapes Her Academic Hell
Drastically Reduce Stress with a Work Shutdown Ritual
The Pyramid Method: A Simple Strategy For Becoming Exceptionally Good

May 2009
An Update On My New Book
My Advice for Rising Freshmen
The Grade Whisperer: Eric Prepares to Battle English Lit
The Power of Demolition: Why the Best Study Strategies are New Strategies
My Focus-Centric Work Day
How to Build a Paper Research Wiki
The Grade Whisperer: Mike's Pre-Med Nightmare
The Shadow Course: A Simple Technique to Produce Extraordinary Work

April 2009
Q & A: Taking Biology Notes, Switching Between Tasks, Deconstructing Crappy Papers, and More...
Fighting the Pre-Exam Slump
What If My Dream Major Turns Into a Nightmare?
4 Weeks to a 4.0: Create Project Folders
I'm Off to Brazil
Finals Diaries: Travis Prepares to Battle Calculus
4 Weeks to a 4.0: Master Your Assignments
The Unheralded Splendor of the A* Strategy
Finals Diaries: Let Me Help You Ace Your Finals
Quick Note: Dan Schawbel's New Book
4 Weeks to a 4.0: Streamline Your Notes
Using Fitness "Algorithms" to Stay in Shape Without a Rigid Workout Plan

March 2009
4 Weeks to a 4.0: Adopt an Autopilot Schedule and a Sunday Ritual
What the Hell is Study Hacks?
How to Go From College to an Extraordinary Life (and Bank Account)
The Notebook Method: How Pen and Paper Can Transform You Into a Star Student
Do College Students Need Laptops in the Age of Netbooks?
Some Thoughts On Grad School
The Straight-A Method: How to Ace College Courses
How NOT to Prepare for the LSAT
Study Hacks Gets a Fancy New Archive & My Search for Focused Students

February 2009
The Art of Taking Science Notes
How to Save a Disasterous Semester
I'm Vacating Until Next Week...
Want a Job? Don't Major in Business.
The Danger of Deep Procrastination
How to Quickly Capture Quotes from Electronic Sources
Have We Lost Our Tolerance For a Little Boredom?

January 2009
Case Study: How Amy Saved Her College Career
The Myth of the Big Break
5 Thought Experiments That Might Change Your Life
3 Simple Rules for Making your Free Time Count
Start Your Semester Off Right By Quitting Something
The Difference Between "Unusual" and "Impressive"
Three Student Resolutions Worth Making

December 2008
Case Study: How Tyler Aced a Difficult Course
Let's Teach Ramit That Study Hacks Readers Rock!
How to Avoid Fighting With Your Parents While Home for Christmas Break
Announcing the HP Magic Contest Winner
Q & A: How Much Does Intelligence Matter at College?
Announcing the Rules for my Free Computer Giveaway
How Allison Used Her iPod to Ace Biology
How to Ace Essay Questions Using the Three Minute Rule
5 Mistakes to Avoid During Finals

November 2008
Case Study: How I Got the Highest Grade in my Discrete Math Class
I'm Giving Away 5 Computers...
Q & A: Mastering Question Clusters, Breaking Up with Terrible Majors, Withdrawing from a 'B', and Debating a Two-Day a Week Course Schedule
The Stable Mucking Method: A Freestyle Approach To Keeping the Annoying Little Stuff Under Control
How to Ace Calculus: The Art of Doing Well in Technical Courses
Plan.txt : The Most Effective Productivity Tool That You've Never Heard Of
Does Being Exceptional Require an Exceptional Amount of Work?
Do You Play Misery Poker or Quack?
Do You Want To Be Featured In My New Book?

October 2008
The Science of Student Burnout
Announcing My New Book and Important Changes to Study Hacks
The Goldilocks Strategy for Choosing the Perfect Workload
Monday Master Class: How to Keep Life Interesting with a Saturday Morning Project
How to Become a Deep Thinker at College
A Greek Philosopher Tackles Student Activities
A Humble Request...
Monday Master Class: How to Stave Off Stress with a Mid-Semester Dash
Q & A: Life After Scoring an 80% and Joining Boring Clubs to Impress Grad Schools
Four Ways to Annoy a Professor When Asking For Help (And Four Things You Should Do Instead)
Disruptive Thinkers: Jason Shah Wants SAT Prep To Be Free
Announcing the Winner of the HP Laptop Giveaway
Dream Job Diaries: A Day in the Life of a Recently Graduated Start-up Entrepeneur
Monday Master Class: Getting Things Done for College Students...Made Easy
Update on Laptop Contest
A Conversation with Ben Casnocha
The Freshman 15 Contest: Enter Now to Win a Free Laptop
A Simple Method for Developing an Innovative Activity

September 2008
Monday Master Class: The Study Hacks Guide to Beating Student Stress
College Commando: How a Special Forces Candidate Tackles Undergraduate Life
Dangerous Ideas: Imagine a College Application without Transcripts, Test Scores, or Extracurriculars
The Freshman 15 Contest: I'm Giving Away a Free Laptop
Monday Master Class: The Retreating Deadline Method
Case Study: How Scott Discovered That His Activities Wouldn't Get Him Into Law School Then Harnessed Simplicity To Become a Star
I'm Looking for a Few Good Volunteers...
Do You Have a Working Disorder?
Monday Master Class: The Quarantine Method for Producing Better Work in Less Total Hours
Case Study: How Could We Save This Ridiculously Overloaded Grind?
Book Review: The Little Book of Productivity
Q & A: Transfer Student Zen, Taming Tardy Problem Sets, and Tweaking the Straight-A Method for High School
Monday Master Class: The Paperback Writer Method
College Chronicles Season 2: Meet Marina, the Liberal Arts Major Who Craves Simplicity
5 + 2 Things To Try This Semester
Bonus Post: The Five Most Popular Articles in August
Monday Master Class: The Story Telling Method

August 2008
The Genius Myth: The Danger of Worshiping "Exceptional" Students
Q & A: Coming Up With Innovative Activities, Skimming Fiction, and Making the Morse Code Method More Studyable
Reporter from Money Magazine Looking for Students to Interview
Monday Master Class: Five Pieces of Unexpected Back to School Advice
How Many Hours Do You Have to Work to Feel Productive?
Monday Master Class: A Crash Course in the Straight-A Method
Study Hacks Goes to Canada
Does Where You Go To School Matter? (And Why Reporters Get This Wrong...)
5 Myths That Cause College Students Unnecessary Stress
I'm Recruiting Students for a New Season of College Chronicles
Monday Master Class: How to Use a Monotypic Inbox to Kick the Compulsive E-mail Checking Habit
The Unconventional Scholar: Don't Discuss Your Major With Your Parents
Bonus Post: An Author Who is Proud to Admit that he Sucks at E-Mail
Case Study: How Skidmore's Busiest Student Discovered the Secret to Happiness on the Other Side of the World
Monday Master Class: The Biggest Source of Stress that Most Students Ignore
Dangerous Ideas: Beware of People Who Tell You Traditional Career Paths are Bad

July 2008
On the Beauty of Doing Less
A Forbes.Com Reporter is Looking for Students to Interview
Monday Master Class: Conquer Cramming with the Same Day Rule
Is Low Stress Med School Admissions Possible?
Dangerous Ideas: College Extracurriculars Are Meaningless
Monday Master Class: How to Start Down the Long Road from Chaos to Efficiency
5 Articles That Will Change The Way You Think About Personal Productivity
Bonus Post: How the World's Most Famous Computer Scientist Checks E-mail Only Once Every Three Months
The Difference Between Experiments and Goals: How to Balance Spontaneity with the Focused Pursuit of Fame
Monday Master Class: Stop Procrastinating by Making it Easier to Procrastinate
How to Ace the SAT: A No-Nonsense System for Students Looking to Score High
Q & A: Death by A.P. Course, Initializing the Autopilot, and Shameless Promotion
Monday Master Class: To Go To Class, Or Not To Go...There Shouldn't Be Any Question
Case Study: Why the Number of Hours You Spend Studying Means Nothing
E-Mail Zero: Imagining Life Without E-Mail

June 2008
Monday Master Class: A Crash Course in Student Time Management
Dangerous Ideas: Getting Started is Overrated
Book Review: A Brief Guide to World Domination
Monday Master Class: Conquer Complicated Material with the Mini-Textbook Method
Disruptive Thinkers: Chris Guillebeau Wants to Teach You the Art of Non-Conformity
Q & A: Beware of "Ducks" at Stanford, Forget About Your Senior Year G.P.A., and Become Interesting to College Admissions Officers
Monday Master Class: How David Scored a 4.0 With 0.0 Notes
Weekend Links: An Ideal Life, Summer School, Young People Jobs and the Problem with Work/Life Balance
On the Role of Study Advice in the Age of Grade Inflation
Debunking Parkinson's Law
I Want To Hear Your Story...
Monday Master Class: How to Accomplish Big Things This Summer Using the 3x3 Method

May 2008
A Study Hacks Vacation: I'll Be Away for 10 Days...
The Art of Activity Innovation: How to Be Impressive Without an Impressive Amount of Work
Monday Master Class: The Study Hacks Guide to Note-Taking
The Problem with Passion
The Most Important Piece of Career Advice You Probably Never Heard
Monday Master Class: How to Build a Knowledge Vault and Avoid Wasting an Entire Semester's Worth of Work
Disruptive Thinkers: David Masters Thinks Studying Should Be Fun
Advanced Student Stress Relief: The Activity Vacation
Bonus Post: An Adventure Studying Case Study
Monday Master Class: The Visual Panic Schedule
Unexpected Wisdom: Some Interesting Articles From Interesting Places
Exclusive Interview: Daniel Pink's Advice for Jumpstarting a Meaningful Post-Grad Life
Monday Master Class: How Two Extra Hours Can Make Your Paper Two Times Better
Adventure Studying: An Unconventional New Approach to Exam Preperation

April 2008
My World Famous Mechanical Exam Prep Process
Monday Master Class: The Study Hacks Guide to Exams
Disruptive Thinkers: Marty Nemko Wants You To Forget Your Boring Passions
The Science of Procrastination Revisted: Researchers Rethink Willpower
The Makings of a Good Day
Monday Master Class: Control End of Semester Chaos with the 4D Method
Bonus Post: A Zen Valedictorian Case Study
How to Become a Zen Valedictorian: Decreasing Your Stress Without Decreasing Your Ambition
Q & A: Getting into Harvard without Getting an Ulcer, Scheduling Research Time, and the Art of Becoming Good
Looking to Publish Your Student Life Hacking Expertise?
Monday Master Class: The Wonders of Bare Naked Filing
The Zen Valedictorian: A Radical New Model for Getting the Most Out of College
Crowd Wisdom: What Would You Do If Your College Career Was Classified?
The Tasty Ingredients in my Productivity Secret Sauce
Monday Master Class: How to Reduce Stress and Get More Done By Building an Autopilot Schedule
Weekend Links: Live to 100, Conquer Anxiety, Balance Ambition with Relaxation and Start a Project Log
Q & A: Can a Relaxed Student Get into Grad School?
An Open Letter to Students Waiting for Their College Admissions Decisions

March 2008
Monday Master Class: How to Transform Your Professer Into Your Paper Writing Partner
How to Get a Book Deal: Lessons From My Adventures in the World of Non-Fiction Publishing
Case Study: How Kristianne Simplified Her Life, Demolished Stress, and Became More Successful
Monday Master Class: Pulverize Large Assignments with the ESS Method
How to Be Happy
Q & A: Complicated Study Systems, Complicated Productivity Software, and Complicated Achievements
Monday Master Class: Drop Courses Every Semester
Weekend Links: Radical Simplicity Edition
Debunking the Laundry List Fallacy: Why Doing Less is More Impressive
The Radical Simplicity Manifesto: Doing Less and Living More at College
Monday Master Class: Choose Your Hard Days
Dangerous Ideas: Action is Overrated
Crowd Wisdom: Your Best Study Hacks Revealed
Monday Master Class: You're Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader (When it Comes to Starting Your Paper Research)

February 2008
A Rap Star and a Rhodes Scholar Walk Into a Bar...
Guest Post: Implement a Mechanism-Based Lifestyle
Crowd Wisdom: What's Your Most Innovative Study Hack?
Q & A: Strategic Drinking, Mission Impossible, and the Tale of the Rhodes Scholar Who Failed Freshman Calculus
Monday Master Class: The Art of Pseudo-Skimming
The Secret Your Neighborhood Rhodes Scholar Doesn't Want You To Know
Would Lincoln Have Become President If He Had E-Mail?
Monday Master Class: Rapid Note-Taking with the Morse Code Method
Fixed-Schedule Productivity: How I Accomplish a Large Amount of Work in a Small Number of Work Hours
Q & A: Dealing with Killer Classes, Notes in the Age of Note Packets, and Avoiding the Deadly Grind Syndrome
Monday Master Class: The 5 Most Useful Study Hacks Articles That You Never Read
Weekend Links: A Single Note Card, Being Happy, and Fighting Deathly Schedules
Case Study: How I Plan to Study for my Art History Seminar
The Art of Speaking: "There is a special circle in hell for those who use laser pointers," this and other advice from a master speaker.
Monday Master Class: How to Peform a Post-Exam Post-Mortem
Weekend Links: Self-Knowledge, Less Info Clutter, and Disturbing Photos
The Steve Martin Method: A Master Comedian's Advice for Becoming Famous

January 2008
Q & A: Studying with Kirstie Alley, Decoding the Quarter System, and Coping with Early Classes
Monday Master Class: Form a Productivity Junta
Weekend Links: E-mail Bugs, Slacker Freshmen, and the Mythology Behind Good Will Hunting
The Straight-A Method: A Simple Framework For Conquering College
The Science of Procrastination: Researchers Tackle Willpower and our Ability to Control it
Crowd Wisdom: The Worst Part of the College Admissions Process
Monday Master Class: How to Use Time Arbitrage to Maximize Your Productivity Profit
Weekend Links: Martini Your Way Through Your Dissertation, Don't Sweat Your Inbox, and Turn Off the Internet
Disruptive Thinkers: Ben Casnocha Wants You To Stop Making So Many Damn Plans
College Chronicles #13: Jake's Advice For You
Welcome Back Gideon
Monday Master Class: How to Edit Your Paper in Three Passes or Less
Study Hacks Wins Best Education Blog Award
Crowd Wisdom: How Study Hacks Readers Suggest You Study Foreign Languages
College Chronicles #12: Leena's Advice For You
Monday Master Class: How to Read Hard Readings
Vote for Study Hacks!
How do you study for foreign language courses?
Dangerous Ideas: People Respect Hard Work, But Idolize Magic
The Slacker Paradox: Myth or Reality?
A Simple Technique to Avoid Heart Attack Semesters

December 2007
Monday Master Class: 5 Bad Study Habits You Should Resolve to Avoid in 2008
3 Rules For Making Resolutions That Stick
How to Make 2008 Significantly More Exciting Than 2007
Monday Master Class: Have a Happy Holiday
Weekend Links: Don't Love Your Work, Gain Weight, and Stop Multi-Tasking...
Tis the Conduct a Ruthless Project Purge
For the Student Who Has Everything...
5 Tips For Working Effectively Over Christmas Break
Monday Master Class: The Most Important Paper Research Advice You've Never Heard
25 Articles Every Student Should Read
I'm on Vacation for the Next 10 Days...
Why I Don't Regret Getting Straight A's in College
Monday Master Class: Don't Use a Daily To-Do List
Weekend Links: Uncover Bias, Write in Phases, and Converse Solo

November 2007
College Chronicles #11: Leena Resists the Student Work Day, Hits Rock Bottom, then Rises from the Ashes with a Stunning Plan of Her Own
The Unconventional Scholar: Eat Alone Twice a Day
I Need Your College Admissions Story for a Writing Project
Monday Master Class: Five Ways to Avoid Panicking on a Hard Test
Q & A: Recording Lectures, Dealing with Definitions, and Spreading the Good Word
Monday Master Class: How to Take Notes on Power Point Slides
Weekend Links: Register Like a Pro, Avoid Red, and Start From the Bottom With Your Career Planning
Dangerous Ideas: Bodybuilders Should Be More Successful
The Unconventional Scholar: Ignore Your GPA
Classic Monday Master Class: Identify an Instant Replay Booth for Every Class
Are You Effective or Just Busy? Calculate Your Churn Rate to Find Out
Student Productivity Blog Carnival | November 2007
Monday Master Class: How to Use a Flat Outline to Write Outstanding Papers, Fast
Weekend Links: Ogle Planners, Drink Your Way to Health, and Dissect Your Life
The Fitness Guru: Recharging During the Day, Avoiding the Beer Gut, and Self-Amputation

October 2007
How to Use an Administrative Day to Significantly Increase Your Weekly Productivity
Monday Master Class: How to Use Gmail to Reduce Your Study Time by 50%
Weekend Links: Don't Sweat the Bad Stuff, Take Notes Like Edison, and Applaud David Seah's Certainty...
College Chronicles #10: Welton Establishes a Student Work Week and Reserves Extra Time for Low-Stress Test Prep
Does Your College Major Matter?
Monday Master Class: How to Talk to a TA
Weekend Links: Stop Working on Fridays, Meet Better People, and Become Perplexed by Cal's Prolificness
Declare a Productivity-Free Day
Guest Post: How to Use a Laptop in Class
Q & A: Five Key Questions About Becoming an Efficient Student
Ask An Expert: What Questions Do You Have About Diet and Fitness at College?
Monday Master Class: How to Schedule Your Writing Like a Professional Writer
College Chronicles #9: I Help Leena Perform a Time Audit and Establish a Student Work Day
The Einstein Principle: Accomplish More By Doing Less
Vote for Gideon
Monday Master Class: How to Solve Hard Problem Sets Without Staying Up All Night
Disruptive Thinkers: Scott Young Wants to Change How You Study
The Winners of the Book Giveaway and an Introduction to the New and Improved Study Hacks
The Art of Stealth Studying: How To Earn a 4.0 With Only 1.0 Hours of Work
Two Days Left for Book Giveaway
Monday Master Class: How to Build a Paper Research Database

September 2007
I Want to Send You a Free Signed Copy of My Book
Q & A: How Much Should I Care About a Minor Assignment I'm Doing Poorly On?
If I Could Do it Again: Jessica Crowell
Dangerous Ideas: What If Everything We Thought Was True About Productivity Was Wrong?
Follow a Sunday Ritual
How to Make Resolutions that Stick
Around the Web: Can You Train Your Brain? (Answer: Yes)
How Unfair is the College Admission Process?
College Chronicles #8: Welton's Has His First Week of Classes, Encounters Resistance to His Non-Idiotic Study Habits, and Realizes Things are Going to Get Worse (Time-Wise) Before They Get Better
Coming Up This Week...
Monday Master Class: Use Focused Question Clusters to Study for Multiple Choice Tests
Around the Web: 7 Ways to Get to Sleep
Dangerous Ideas: "Paying Your Dues" is Underrated
College Chronicles #7: Leena Turns 20, Dances Away Her Weekend, Gives Up Sleep, Falls Deathly Ill, and Initiaites a Love Affair with Nyquil
Around the Web: Introducing Dissertation Bootcamp
Q & A: When Should I Go To Sleep?
Around the Web: The Return of The Genius in All of Us
Around the Web: More Productivity Porn...
Around the Web: The Importance of Reading
A Time Management System for Students Who Are Terrible at Time Management And Tend to Hate it More Than Slow Torture Involving Electrical Current and Sensitive Anatomy
Around the Web: 5 Signs You Are On Autopilot
Around the Web: Hack College Reviews the Latest "Stupid Frat-Boy Business Idea"
College Chronicles #6: Jake Wins a Scrimmage, Parties Away his Sickness, and Ponders the Big Questions
20 Simple Ways to Defuse Procrastination
Around the Web: Clive Thompson Tackles the Science of Studying
Beyond Wikipedia: 15,731,298 References You Can't Do Without
Coming Up This Week...
Monday Master Class: Drizzle Test Preperation Over Many Days
Three Ways Smart Students Reduce Study Time
Around the Web: Living with Microsoft Word
Around the Web: Introducing That College Kid
College Chronicles #5: Jake Gets Off to a Successful, Drunken Start
Around the Web: 7 Web Apps of Highly Effective Students
Guest Post: The KISS Approach to Lecture Notes
A Humble Request...
5 Ways to Get More Stuff Done During the Day
College Chronicles #4: Leena Remembers Why MIT Students So Often Look Like Extras from a George Romero Movie
Around the Web: Hack College Introduces a Podcast
Coming Up This Week...
Around the Web: More Back-to-School Advice, Reclaim Hours, and Better E-mails
College Chronicles #3: Meet Leena, the MIT Junior Looking to Change her (Academic) Ways
Monday Master Class: Downgrade the Importance of Writing in Paper Writing
College Chronicles #2: Meet Welton, the Ultra-Committed Harvard Junior
If I Could Do it Again: Melissa Adelman
Constructing Beautiful Study Guides
Dangerous Idea Revisited: Sorry Paul Graham...
Dangerous Ideas: Sorry Paul Graham, I Think it Does Matter Where You Went to College
Q & A: How Many Courses Should I Take?
How Would You Design Freshman Orientation?
College Chronicles #1: Meet Jake, the Reformed Studier with a Daring Plan
Introducing College Chronicles
The Word "Study" is Meaningless
Guest Post: The Intersection of Technology and Productivity
Study Hacks Fall Line-Up
Monday Master Class: Use Technical Explanation Questions When Studying For Technical Classes

August 2007
Dangerous Ideas: Productivity is Overrated
What Firefox Should Have Done in the First Place
What Makes an Interesting Life Interesting?
Why Does Firefox Campus Edition Make Me So Irrationally Upset?
Why Do Good Reporters Write Bad Articles About Successful Young People?
Looking for a Courageous Volunteer
The Science of Studying
Around the Web: Introducing
Monday Master Class: Back to School Advice You Won't Find in Your Freshman Handbook
Unconventional SAT Prep: What I've Learned So Far...
Wish Me Luck...
Monday Master Class: Never Be Hungry
Unconventional SAT Prep
The Vital Five: A Crash Course for Turning Around Poor Academic Performance
The Paradox of Young Lifehackers
Monday Master Class: Three Trivial Study Habits that Provide Significant Results
Around the Web: What Makes You More Effective?
Why Most Students Don't Understand the Real Goal of Note-Taking
Around the Web: LifeHack's Research Advice for Students
Monday Master Class: Three Unexpected Study Tips
How Do You Handle E-mails You Don't Know How to Answer?
The Straight-A Gospels: Studying is a Technical Skill
From the Web: Introducing Academic Productivity

July 2007
Monday Master Class: Never Take Books Out of the Library
The Straight-A Gospels: Pseudo-Work Does Not Equal Work
The Straight-A Gospels
Monday Master Class: Apply Weakest Link Theory to Time Management
If I could do it again: Michael Simmons
Monday Master Class: The Activity Filter
Monday Master Class: Accelerate Q/E/C Note-Taking
Monday Master Class: The Graph as Question
Monday Master Class: Part 2 in 60 Seconds or Less
Monday Master Class: Identify an Instant Replay Booth for Every Class
Interview with Ben Casnocha
The power of being the best
Getting Things Done for College Students: The Full System
Three ways GTD and college don't mix
A whirlwind tour of Getting Things Done
Three reasons students are terrible at time management
Getting Things Done for College Students: Introduction
Three steps for completing large projects
What separates talkers and doers?
My Talk at Dartmouth and "Grand Projects"