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Announcing the HP Magic Contest Winner

HP Magic

The Envelope Please…

I’m thrilled to announce the winner of the HP Magic Giveaway:

Sebastian from Rutgers

I chose entries at random and stopped at the first proposal that really caught my attention. Sebastian’s was the fourth entry I read and I loved it.

Commuter Woes…

His proposal is to help commuter students at Rutgers. This group is often overlooked and underserved by the administration because they don’t bring a lot of money to the school. They’re also a group likely to be hit hard by the recession as many work part-time and support a family.

Sebastian’s plan is to replaced the ancient computer in the single small lounge given to these students with the TouchSmart. He’s then going to organize a contest to give away the laptops to the most needy of this group. Clearly, the commuter students, more than almost any others, can benefit from a portable computer. (Many arrive on campus by train.)

Thank you to everyone who entered. After selecting the winner, I read many of your entries and I was really impressed by your compassion. I encourage you to consider going forward with your plans even without the prize. We should also thank HP, Microsoft, and Dreamworks for their willingness to give away so much in these tough times.

My posting will be sporadic next week as I’ll be traveling for the holidays. But I look forward to kicking off an exciting new year here at Study Hacks. Stay tuned…

Happy Holidays!

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