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Weekend Links: Stop Working on Fridays, Meet Better People, and Become Perplexed by Cal’s Prolificness

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal.

Assorted Productivity Gems

Cal Gets Inexplicably Prolific

4 thoughts on “Weekend Links: Stop Working on Fridays, Meet Better People, and Become Perplexed by Cal’s Prolificness”

  1. Two points:

    1. I remember in “How to Win at College”, at one point you gave a nod to the fact that it’s important to scope out a variety of classes and in particular their profs in order to decide if they’re worth taking. While I agree that actually sitting in a class is hands down the best way to evaluate a prof, I also wanted to toss out that the sites and also have student commentaries on professor performance. Pop in the name of your school, look up your prof, and see what the buzz is on them.

    I tend to do this while picking my courses in the spring for the next year to get a feel for the classes. Of course the ratings on the website can’t be taken for gospel, because some students are just bitter and don’t like the fact that they weren’t spoon fed throughout college. I’ve found through this site though, that sometimes I end up taking profs and classes I wouldn’t have otherwise, because I would have skipped over them if not for the praises of other students on the site. Point in case: my French professor, who I had met previously before taking her class this semester, is known as being a gruff, strict woman. I desperately wanted to take French, but was looking for a class without this harsh of a professor. Through the site though, I found out while she is indeed strict and demanding, once the classes narrow down into who will be sticking around for sure for the semester, she softens up, becomes more available and helpful, and has a surprisingly sympathetic side when you’re sick, etc, none of which I would have realized sitting in on the first week or two of classes, unless I had read commentaries about her.

    2. Will you be writing a book about strategies for making the most and doing the best in graduate school at some point as well? A tougher subject I would imagine, but as someone who is going to grad school in the next year and has cruised through my undergrad years because of your books, I’m hoping for a Cal Newport production to help guide me through those years as well with any luck!

  2. Good suggestion, Brittany. I agree you should combine all sources of information about a professor. In addition to large websites, like rate my professor, talk to students who have had the professor before and look for rating sites and underground guides specific to the school.

    Regarding the grad school book idea, my first step is to actually get through grad school unscathed, then we’ll see 🙂

  3. I just found your site through (lifehacks) and I am super impressed with your stuff. Your two books look amazing and from what I read in your excerpts, exactly the stuff that successful students need. I once had a dream of writing something similar when I was done with school but now I’m just going to refer your two books instead. I’m adding you to my RSS feed immediately. =)


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