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Weekend Links: Don’t Love Your Work, Gain Weight, and Stop Multi-Tasking…

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

A Stocking Full of Holiday Productivity

6 thoughts on “Weekend Links: Don’t Love Your Work, Gain Weight, and Stop Multi-Tasking…”

  1. I have a question slightly off topic

    I am currently in the position where my semester ended…and let’s say my final exams brought my gpa down abysmally, and I’ve gone through the five stages of grief about my performance.

    How do you make lemonade from lemons to improve your performance for the new semester? I would love to start afresh, but yet my worries about summer internships and my chances at future opportunities mentally set me back.

  2. Scott:

    Good catch! Not even Ramit could find a way to gain 50 lbs in a week.


    A good exercise after a bad exam period is to go back and figure out, in detail, how you could of studied for the exams (and handled assignments during the term) in such a way that you would have done better. Use this information to help devise a new and improved system for the new semester. My best exam scores usually came after doing poorly on a previous exam for exactly this reason!

  3. @Cal: don’t forgot that you’ve gotta get started early on internships. If Tiffany’s tanked on this most recent semester, she won’t be able to do anything to present herself for the internships.

    @Tiffany: The best thing that you can do at this point is market yourself well. A good cover letter and getting your resume in early is the best you can do. Any internship that’s worth its salt should prefer candidates’ passion and determination over grades. Convey that in your cover letter and interview, and you should have no trouble nailing the internship you want.


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