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A Study Hacks Vacation: I’ll Be Away for 10 Days…

France Bound…Wine

I’m happy to announce that I’m off to France for a 10-day vacation. If all goes as planned, I won’t even see a computer until Monday, June 9th.

The bad news for Study Hacks is that there will be no new posts until I return. This also means that I won’t be able to moderate comments, so, if you’re a first time commenter, or commenting from a computer not recognized by Word Press, your note won’t pop up until I get back to digital civilization.

I really look forward to an excellent summer of posting. I have a lot of exciting ideas in store. So go have some fun! I hope to return with a new tan, a slightly improved French accent, a terrible wine hangover, and, of course, some fresh insights on student life.

Au revoir!


7 thoughts on “A Study Hacks Vacation: I’ll Be Away for 10 Days…”

  1. Have great days in France, where student life is soo bad compare to english speaking countries ! I am French (studying in Australia) and I found student life so much easier and more stimulating down there: short essays to write (no long and painful “dissertations”), teachers more inspiring & enthusiastic, groupwork… Wish I could stay here =)

  2. Thanks all for the kind words. We enjoyed France quite a bit. We stayed in a house in Provence, and wandered the wine country, and cooked from the local farmer’s market. The airline lost my bags, but, I found, living a week with just one pair of linen pants, some flip flops, and 3 cheap, decidedly European t-shirts (bought during out layover), really matched the simple vibe of the region.


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