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Reporter from Money Magazine Looking for Students to Interview

A Major Choice

I chatted this morning with a reporter from Money Magazine (over 8 million readers per month). She’s working on an article about choosing a college major. She asked me to help her find students to interview.

Specifically, she is interested in people who match one of the following three descriptions:

  1. Recent graduates who landed jobs unrelated to their majors.
  2. Students who switched from a major they didn’t like to one they do like.
  3. Students who received good advice or assistance from their parents during the major choosing process.

If you match one of these three descriptions and want to be interviewed for the article, drop me an e-mail at author [at] I’ll forward your information to the reporter. I encourage you to participate as this is a great venue to spread some useful advice to potentially millions of parents.


As long as I’m writing an administrative post, I’ll note the following:

  1. I’ve chosen and notified the new college chronicles volunteers. Expect to hear more about the new season soon.
  2. In case you’re interested, I was recently interviewed over at Student Hacks about my path from high school through graduate school.

3 thoughts on “Reporter from Money Magazine Looking for Students to Interview”

  1. Cal,

    I’ve just started my Fall semester at a new college as a transfer student. Im a devoted follower of your straight-a-method.

    My question is about time management. I keep a calendar within the email system through my college. I can only access it if I log onto the internet. In your past posts I’ve read that you highly recommend keeping a pocket notebook to jot down due dates. Do you recommend an actuall notebook over using an online calendar?

    – Kate

  2. I dare to answer that one 🙂
    You should still use your online calendar. But unlike the online calendar, you can take your pocket notebook everywhere you go. The sense of the notebook ist to write down all of your to do’s, and all deadlines, as soon as you get the information (for example in the middle of a lecture while busy writing notes). When you return home you can copy all those informations into your online calendar. That way you won’t forget to note the deadline in your calendar.

  3. Do you recommend an actuall notebook over using an online calendar?

    I use an online calendar. I find that I usually only need to look at it once a day (in the morning) and I can access it from anywhere. During the day, if a date pops up that needs to go on your calendar, you can always jot it down to enter next time you’re at a computer.


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