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From the Web: Introducing Academic Productivity

I aim to occasionally introduce other online resources that provide a unique take on similar topics. Today, I wanted to present: Academic Productivity. This blog, written by two PhD students and one postdoc, covers a wide range of topics related to becoming a professional academic.

Though some posts are not relevant to an undergraduate crowd, I find their investigations of time management systems and personal productivity fads, in particular, to be quite applicable. Here are three interesting recent posts to whet your appetite:

Parkinson’s law and productivity
An interesting review of some of the central ideas behind Tim Ferris’s inexplicably popular The Four Hour Work Week. Introduces a useful addition to the framework: Hofstadter’s Law.

Bias and Accuracy in Estimates of Task Duration using Academic Tasks
Describes a recent academic paper that uncovered just how bad most of us are at estimating how long a studying-related task will take.

Fooling the reactive mind: Mark Forster’s time management system
A review of one of the latest fads in the personal productivity community: Mark Forster’s Do it Tomorrow system. A good analysis of the key ideas; e.g., separate the rational and the reactive mind.

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  1. It looks like the website either moved or is defunct. Do you know where equivalent or the same info could be found? I even tried looking at Google caches.


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