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Quick Hits: Meet Up in Princeton and the Return of Scott Young’s Study Skills Program

Greetings from the road. In a nice reflection of my dual-focused life, I’m in the middle of a two week trip that includes both academic job interviews and talks about my books.

There are two quick things I wanted to bring to you attention…

  • I’m giving a public lecture titled “Success Without Stress” at Princeton on Monday at 8:30 PM (at the 302 Frist Campus Center). I think it would be fun to organize a meet up with students sometime before the talk begins. If you’re in the area and you’re interested, write me at [email protected]. We’ll arrange something.
  • If you’re looking for more accountability in your efforts to adopt smarter study habits, my friend Scott Young’s popular Learning On Steroids program just reopened. This program has a monthly subscription model. Its goal is to help walk you through a transformation into a more efficient student. The last time he opened it to subscribers he sold out the available spots the first day, so if you’re interested, act quick. You can find out more here.

11 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Meet Up in Princeton and the Return of Scott Young’s Study Skills Program”

  1. Thanks for the updates. Perhaps you will consider speaking in New York in the near future?

    Certainly. I actually have a few plans in the works for NY. I’ll, of course, keep you posted of anything open to the public.

  2. I’ve just signed up for the LoS program and am excited to see how it works out. Skimming through some questions in the forum, I’ve noticed that he doesn’t advertise using laptop computers for notetaking, because they conflict with some sort of special notetaking method called “flow notes” or something like that.
    I’m gonna read up on that this weekend, but on a general level, what do you think about his ideas on notetaking?

  3. You know it’s kinda funny. I signed up for Learning on Steroids about an hour and a half ago (from my phone during class…) before I saw this post, and I rationalized it by saying that I had seen Scott mentioned on studyhacks in a blog post a while back, so it had to be legit.


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