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Weekend Links: Live to 100, Conquer Anxiety, Balance Ambition with Relaxation and Start a Project Log

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

Links that I like better than UCLA because they didn’t lose to Memphis and destroy my bracket:

  • The Centenarian Strategy: Life / Career Issues When You Will Live to 100 | Ben Casnocha
    Ben digs up a fascinating Rutgers commencement speech from 1996. The setup: it’s likely that those of us in our 20’s today will live active lives until we are 100. The question: how does this change the way we should plan our life and career?
  • Job Series — That About Wraps it Up | Hack College
    The guys (plus gal) over at Hack College just wrapped up a multi-part series on how to get a job. If you figure this is something you might have to do sometime (the horror!), the series is worth checking out. (Though I still have a hard time imagining Kelly and friends as productive citizens in the working world…)
  • Beat anxiety before it beats you | The University Blog
    Martin tackles a topic that afflicts all students, even though most think they are the only one facing it: anxiety. As usual for Martin: effective, well thought-out advice.
  • The Incredible Power of Contement | Zen Habits
    Every time I read an article by Leo and imagine him, playing with his six kids, living by the beach in Guam, blogging full-time, running marathons, and, I assume, sipping tropical drinks in a hammock and just generally enjoying life — I can’t help but feel optimistic. This recent article is a dead-on match to a lot of the Radical Simplicity-infused dogma I’ve been pitching your way recently. It talks about balancing ambition with relaxation. I couldn’t agree more with his conclusions.
  • One Project: One Project Log | Getting Things Done in Academia
    The crew over at GTDA discusses how to take the staple of the science laboratory — the project log — and use it help manage all the projects in your life. I’m fascinated. You might be hearing about my own log-based system in the near future…

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