Action Taken: $4700 Raised & Signed Books Given Away

The Big Give

Over 50 of you responded to my call to donate money to earthquake relief in Haiti. We ended up raising over $4700.  As I mentioned in my replies to the contributors, I’m lucky to have such an exceptional group of readers.

Here are the results of the signed book giveaway contest:

  • Allen won a signed copy of the rare yellow-covered version of the red book for donating $500 — the most out of all of the contributors.
  • Shruti won a signed copy for having her name drawn at random.

(Both winners have been notified by e-mail.)

We’ll return later this week back to our regularly-scheduled programming (I’m working on the next post in my series on the mechanics of constructing a remarkable life), but I want to thank you one last time for your support.

5 thoughts on “Action Taken: $4700 Raised & Signed Books Given Away”

  1. hey cal
    i have been following your blog for a while and can’t thank you enough for all the advice you’ve given me. I am a second term freshman and I accomplished more during my first term than my entire high school years combined thanks to your books.
    I was wondering whether taking only 3 classes (12 credits with two 100 level classes and one 200 class) would be harmful for me. According to my college, it is still a decent courseload, but I am thinking of transferring to NYU Stern or Barnard and it may give the admissions people a bad impression of me as a slacker.


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