Around the Web: 7 Web Apps of Highly Effective Students

My friends over at the GearFire Student Productivity blog recently pulled together a nice article on web apps that are useful for students:

7 Web Apps of Highly Effective Students

A lot of this applications are student-specific. Which is exciting. I’m particularly interested to find out more about GradeFix, an application I keep seeing pop up, and that is supposed to simplify most of the major problems of getting good grades (from time management to study planning). I tend to defer to the low-tech on these matters — if it works, why make it more complicated — but there might be something cool here. I look forward to getting a chance to learn more.

1 thought on “Around the Web: 7 Web Apps of Highly Effective Students”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    I can tell you that my personal favourites from that list that I use daily are Gradefix for homework, DropBoks for file access on other computers, and MeeTimer to keep myself productive.

    Gradefix is a beautiful application for students. I like it because you can schedule how much time you have available for homework each night. For people who are unorganized, this is a dream, because all you need to do is what it tells you to, and your set.


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