Student Productivity Blog Carnival | November 2007

Welcome to the November edition of the Student Productivity Blog Carnival. Presented below are a collection of outstanding articles submitted by top bloggers from around the web. Before jumping into the content, I want to first thank the team at Blog Carnival for hosting and promoting the submission form, and GearFire Student Productivity for originating the idea.

Student-Specific Advice

General Productivity Advice Relevant to Students

2 thoughts on “Student Productivity Blog Carnival | November 2007”

  1. I’ve found that Google Documents can be great for productivity, too. You can use it to create, edit, and store docs online and then work on them from school, work, or home. It’s more basic than Microsoft programs, but still good!

  2. Someone should add poverty to the list of GPA killers! Worrying where your next meal comes from virtually destroys my ability to think about grades more than any roleplaying game ever could.


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