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Around the Web: Living with Microsoft Word

Somehow I missed this article that was posted on Academic Productivity earlier in August. It deals with an application that we all use, but few of us really understand: Microsoft Word.

Living with Microsoft Word: Tips for Survival

Crucially, this article explains features I’ve always seen, nested in the menu bar, but never really knew what they did. For example, did you know that by simply changing your current “Style” you can change the look of your entire document? Or that there is an easy way to correctly reference tables and figures — even if their ordering in the paper keeps changing?

Great stuff. Only wish I had read it three years ago, before I arrived at MIT and made the full time switch over to Nerd Word — otherwise known as LaTex.

1 thought on “Around the Web: Living with Microsoft Word”

  1. I got so used to being able to use this feature when I was doing regular design documents that I tried just about every word processor on the mac trying to find something as good.

    There isn’t. Word wins, regrettably.


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