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The Straight-A Gospels

My book, How to Become a Straight-A Student, presents a simple thesis:

Most college students could score straight A’s without studying more hours than the average undergrad.

To the uninitiated, this claim reeks of sensationalism. Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced by my first reaction to this skepticism: read the book! I have, therefore, become adept at quickly communicating the core concepts that make this thesis plausible.

There are, I have determined, three ideas that structure all of the content in Straight-A. Once you understand these ideas, it becomes apparent that most of the content in this book is really just details — one particular approach, among many, for putting these concepts into practice.

With this in mind, I want to introduce these ideas, which I call, with a completely unjustified sense of grandiosity, The Straight-A Gospels. They are as follows:

The Straight-A Gospels

  1. Pseudo-work does not equal work.
  2. Studying is a technical skill.
  3. Structure catalyzes results.

Over the next three posts in this series I will address each gospel and explain what it means and how to act on it.

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