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Coming Up This Week…

Another busy week here at Study Hacks. Over the next few days you can expect:

  • More College Chronicles. Hear about the struggles of Leena and Jake’s first week of classes.
  • A guest post from Russ Egan of the Student Help Forum.
  • More Advice. Two articles I’ve been mulling for a while will finally make it to the big show. One deals with the things straight-A students do differently, the other with simple tips to extract more productivity from your day.
  • Links, links, and links. I keep encountering great new blogs and articles tacking student productivity issues. I’ll share.

And coming up in the near future:

  • College Chronicles heats up, as our trio heads deeper in the semester, and the struggle between their social life and academic ambitions begins to intensify.
  • More Guest Posts from other student productivity experts.
  • More Dangerous Ideas (though, I can assure, they will have nothing to do with Paul Graham).
  • More If I Could Do it Again and Reader Q & A.
  • And, of course, much more realistic advice, derived from the experiences of real students, for tackling the college beast.

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