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College Chronicles #4: Leena Remembers Why MIT Students So Often Look Like Extras from a George Romero Movie

This is the fourth blogisode of College Chronicles, a blog-based reality show in which we follow real students struggling to balance academics with the rest of their life. Click here for the full series archive.

A Brutal First Week

[Friday, Sept. 7] It’s Friday afternoon, and this is the first large chunk of freetime I’ve had since Tuesday [the first day of classes at MIT]. This is somewhat terrifying, because I wake up at 6:50 AM and go to bed at around 1:30 AM.

But Things are Looking Up…

I’m pretty excited for the weekend, however. After the busyness of the last couple days, I’ve emptied Saturday (except for breakfast with a friend) to really get a nice chunk of my work done and figure out my final schedule for the term. I’m also very excited about making up my sleep deficit.

My classes look really cool this term, so I’m excited about that. One of them has amazing course material, so I’ve actually already been reading the textbook for fun. One of my classes seems like it may take more time than I thought it would mostly because neither my Lecturer or my Recitation instructor seem to be very effective with the material, meaning lots of quality of time with the textbook.

Leena’s Anti-Insanity Prescription…

I think that the most important thing I’ve learned this week is that I absolutely need around 1.5 hours of free time to myself in a day, because otherwise over extended periods I’ll feel like I’m going insane.

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