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The Beginning of a Digital Revolution?

It’s hard for me to believe that we’re finally here, but my new book, Digital Minimalism, comes out on Tuesday.

The early buzz about the book has exceeded my expectations, which helps validate a trend that I’ve been noticing over the past year or so: people seem like they’re finally ready to consider serious changes to their relationship with digital tools.

To help get you as excited as I am, I’ve included below a sampling of some of the early press on the book.

(Also remember, as I detailed last week, if you pre-order a copy by Tuesday, you get some immediate bonuses, and if you pre-order a second copy, you get access to a private Q&A group. More details here…)

Digital Minimalism Buzz

The above is just the pre-publication coverage, with a lot more on the way. Stay tuned…

37 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Digital Revolution?”

  1. Hey.
    In an interview you said you believed in doing something hard every day.
    Could you elaborate on that?
    It sounds interesting.

  2. Cal,

    Is it possible for you to have a section on your blog that keeps track of all the podcast episodes you do? I feel like I learn something different from each one (i.e., different interviewers can pull different bits of information from their guests), and would love to have a one-stop reference to all of the podcast episodes where you are the guest.

  3. Cal, I am very excited for this book. I believe this book will change my life forever. I am looking forward to the podcast with you and Brian Johnson!

  4. “To live fully is to live with the awareness of the rumble of terror that underlies everything.” – Ernest Becker

    Decades ago, Ernest Becker theorized how people distract themselves from their fear of death and dying. I imagine Becker would argue that social media’s addictiveness has provided the ultimate distraction in our denial of death- similar to excessive shopping, wealth accumulation, and obsessions with celebrities.

  5. Really looking forward to this book. Deep Work rocked my productivity world, but I have often drifted from implementing what I learned from it, due in no small part to technology bloat. I’m eager to be guided through how to change that.

    Also, I would second the above comment about some kind of central location for links/lists of interviews you do. I listened to several of your interviews about Deep Work and felt like they were the type of touch-up work on the book that really sealed some of the lessons into my understanding and memory.

    Most of all, thank you for how much your work has helped me. Keep it coming!

  6. Congratulations. My pre-order is on the way, but already I am deriving a key benefit from the book– it’s title. This morning I told the person who asked for my cell number so as to send me a text, “Sorry, I have a cell but I don’t really use it, I’m a digital minimalist.” I then told him, but I do email, and reasonably well, in fact, because I am a digital minimalist! (Hmm, I think I’ll be using the term digital minimalist quite a bit. It’s sort of like a lovely bit of frosting over a cake of what others might consider rude and/or weird.)

  7. The media coverage is exciting. I love the detail that the NYT article about your book was their most e-mailed article of the week. Now that I am long off social media, when I want to share articles I found meaningful, I send them to my friends/family via email. Perhaps the aforementioned metric is an authentic sign that real people, (including journalists!) are not just talking about digital detox, but actually doing it.

    I am looking forward to ordering the book! I will likely purchase a couple extra copies to give as passive-aggressive gifts! 😉

  8. I am more excited for the book that for my favourite crime series finale 😉

    I second the request of gathering podcasts links in one place.

  9. I see Digital Minimalism has different subtitles and covers:
    DM: Choosing a focused life in a noisy world
    DM: How to digital detox and declutter your online life
    DM: On living better with less technology

    Do they differ in contents in any way? I want to order the book closest to the original and I am having uncertainties.

  10. I just finished my copy of Digital Minimalism, and wanted to simply thank you for this great book! I have already begun implementing changes in my life, to cut out some of the noise. The book is informative, interesting, and very well written. Thank you

  11. it’s nice post about the digital revolution and how digital era make our life easy and but it have some drawback, such as people using the mobile phone from day to night without stopping.


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