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Top Performer is Now Open

Top Performer is an eight-week online career mastery course that I developed with my friend and longtime collaborator Scott Young. It helps you develop a deep understanding of how your career works, and then apply the principles of deliberate practice to efficiently master the skills you identify as mattering most. Over the past four years we’ve had over two thousand professionals go though this course, representing a wide variety of different fields, backgrounds, and career stages.

We open the course infrequently for new registrations  (usually twice a year). It’s that time again: the course is open for registration this week (the registration closes Friday at midnight Pacific time).

If you’d like to learn more about the course, how it works or whether it’s right for you,* see the registration page here.

If you have any questions about the course, Scott’s team will be happy to answer them here: [email protected]


* To emphasize the obvious: the course is definitely not for everyone. It’s expensive and targeting those at a stage in their career where they’re able and willing to invest more seriously in advancement.  I might send one or two additional notes about the course this week, but will then return to my regularly scheduled programming.

5 thoughts on “Top Performer is Now Open”

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  2. Hi Cal! I know it’s been a while since you wrote your book ‘How to Be a High School Superstar’, but I was wondering if you could answer some concerns I had when reading the book a second time.
    You claim that in the ‘ideal student workweek’, schoolwork should be done no later than dinner-time, and define the ‘ideal student workweek’ as a week without an unusual workload eg. Upcoming tests
    I unfortunately go to one of the top high schools in the country and am assigned three to four tests every week.
    Therefore, having followed testing advice in your straight A student book, and taking only two higher level courses, I don’t think finishing schoolwork by Dinner is possible. Given my case, how much time do you think is appropriate to dedicate to schoolwork? I still want the time to explore interests and do extracurriculars.

    Thank you so much, your books help me a lot.

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