Unconventional SAT Prep

Something I’ve been curious about lately is how my study advice does or does not apply to the related arena of standardized tests. I’m interested in collecting some real life stories…

If you did well on your SATs, and you used your own ad hoc methods to prepare (e.g., not a formal test prep course), consider sending me an e-mail to briefly explain your system.

I’ll report back any suprising strategies that show up frequently.

1 thought on “Unconventional SAT Prep”

  1. Yeah, I didn’t really study for it at all and was surprised when I got a 2110. I admit if I actually put myself thru SAT bootcamp I’d done a lot better. Anyway basically I got a few review books and flipped thru them over the summer. I didn’t even finish them. anyway it was mainly about practice. SAT isn’t hard.


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