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Bonus Post: An Adventure Studying Case Study

Adventure Studying in ActionThe Falls

At the conclusion of last week’s post about adventure studying, I asked students, who were so inclined, to share photographic evidence of their most adventurous expeditions. I wanted to take a moment to pass along one such story.

The picture on the right (courtesy of cyrus_sj) captures the location of one Study Hacks reader’s favorite adventure studying destination. As she recalls:

Back in my senior year, I was about to have my finals exam in my Chinese class. I was having a lot of trouble studying for that exam; I felt like I needed a break, So I jumped at the chance to take a trip with friends to the nearest waterfall (about four hours away).

This particular falls was three levels high. We climbed up the mountain and crossed a few streams to get to the source. I still remember how every bit of nature we passed seemed so interesting.

Well, I struck a deal with my friends. I’d take care of their stuff under a crude cottage while they’d jump into the water. I got to make them happy, and get through a lot of material at the same time.

The change of scenery was just what I needed to concentrate. The place was so peaceful; I didn’t feel any pressure to cram things in my head since I wasn’t surrounded by panicked students. I ended up getting a perfect grade on that exam.

If you’re enjoying the type of sunny day I am here in Boston (I celebrated the end of a rainy stretch with a long run this afternoon), ask yourself: where could I be studying?

If it’s interesting, send me a photo, I’ll share it with the gang…

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