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Monday Master Class: Three Trivial Study Habits that Provide Significant Results

Sometimes, the hardest part of a making a major lifestyle change is achieving those first positive results. So here are three stupidly simple study tips that, based on my research, tend to prove surprisingly effective. (Readers of my books will note that these distill some of the key insights that show up again and again as motivation for my suggested strategies…)

Three Trivial Study Habits

  1. Sketch a plan when you sit down to study
    Spend 30 seconds to jot down what and how you are going to study during the current session. Put time estimates next to each piece to confirm that the plan fits into the time you set aside to work. Put nice checkboxes next to each piece as you finish…everyone loves to check off nice checkboxes.
  2. Drink three glasses of water and one healthy snack for every one caffeinated beverage you consume
    Self-explanatory. You’ll be surprised, however, by how big a role your nutrition-driven energy levels play in your ability to concentrate.
  3. Ask your mom to perform a post-test idiot check
    On the way to the library call home on your cell phone. (Your mom will be happy to hear from you.) (Unless you ask for money.) Tell her that you’re about to starting studying for an exam, and your goal is to not be an idiot. In other words, to not waste time, or study inefficiently, or procrastinate. Ask her to call you in a few days to check-up on how you did.

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