Around the Web: Clive Thompson Tackles the Science of Studying

A couple weeks back I reported on a new scientific study on studying. One of my writing idols, Clive Thompson, recently weighed in on the same topic:

Study: “Cramming” hurts your ability to remember stuff in the long term

As usual, Clive offers an incisive analysis:

Assuming their findings — which are published here in a PDF paper — hold water, the implications for education are enormous. That’s because most high-school and college courses are designed to reward cramming. They’re setting up students to forget things. Even textbooks are designed with overlearning in mind.

In the comment section, Clive notes that part of this might be a problem of the students, many of whom just want to learn for the test, forget, and move on. I hope not! But probably true in many cases. Interesting stuff…

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