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Around the Web: Hack College Reviews the Latest “Stupid Frat-Boy Business Idea”

My friend Ramit has a great post over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich, titled: 8 Stupid Frat-Boy Business Ideas. In Ramit’s words:

A stupid frat-boy business idea is an idea that sounds attractive on the surface, but ignores the graveyard of failures before it. It’s usually hatched when a few guys get together, drink a lot, and end up talking about stuff that “should” exist. Sometimes the discussion gets entrepreneurial and they talk about a few ideas, which one of the guys will pursue the next day (when everyone else forgets about it).

A classic stupid frat-boy idea, missed by this particular list, is the online food delivery system. You know the story. Student convinces local businesses to hook up to web page. Students can now order online. Business gets order automatically. Web site takes cut. Student makes no money. Business goes away.

My friends over at Hack College have bravely reviewed the latest incarnation of this idea:

Order Online with Campus Food

It actually seems pretty decent. Take advantage while it’s still around. Just don’t invest in it.

1 thought on “Around the Web: Hack College Reviews the Latest “Stupid Frat-Boy Business Idea””

  1. I would say 90% of stuff these days falls under the “stupid frat boy idea,” except some of them have no merit (Twitter, most Facebook apps). But I guess CampusFood fills a niche for Rosario (and not for me).


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