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Around the Web: 5 Signs You Are On Autopilot

Over at the unintentionally creepily-titled I Will Change Your Life blog, Peter offers some interesting observations:

5 Signs You Are On Autopilot

Sign number #5: “Your interests and/or hobbies are all the same as from when you were a child.”
I have to disagree. I think my unwavering interest in being a stuntman/astronaut who spends his weekends as a cowboy boxer, is admirable.

As is often the case, more interesting than the list itself is the long trail of comments that follow. My favorite:

I have the problem where I’m not on autopilot . . . I’m thoughtfully cruising toward oblivion.

1. I have no idea where I’ll be in 5 years and it frustrates me.

2. I didn’t listen to my parents who wanted me to get a trade like A/C repair under my belt. Instead I became a fiction writer and web designer for money . . . except I don’t make that much money and I don’t have enough time to write.

3. After college I dorked around and spent too much money on fancy trips around the world, the details of which I can barely even remember any more.

4. I did well in high school but I didn’t go law or medicine, jesus. If I’d done that I’d have the money to leave that occupation anytime I want and start a risky business like blogging.

5. When I was a kid I liked eating my boogers and playing with Ninja Turtles. Today my hobbies include working non-stop and . . . nothing else. Being creative is for idiots. Auto-pilot sounds nice right now.

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