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Around the Web: Can You Train Your Brain? (Answer: Yes)

The Sharp Brains blog has a fascinating post about the trainability of your brain. There was once a time when scientists thought that brain function was really only able to move one direction: inexorably downward as we age. Recent evidence shows this not to be the case. We have more control than we think.

Sharp Minds :: 11 Neuroscientists Debunk a Common Myth about Brain Training

What’s great about this post is that it pulls quotes from original interviews with 11 top neuroscientists — with links to the full interview notes also included.

Some choice sound bites:

“Learning is physical. Learning means the modification, growth, and pruning of our neurons, connections–called synapses– and neuronal networks, through experience…When we do so, we are cultivating our own neuronal networks.”

“Exercising our brains systematically is as important as exercising our bodies. In my experience, ‘Use it or lose it’ should really be ‘Use it and get more of it'”

“Individuals who lead mentally stimulating lives, through education, occupation and leisure activities, have reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s symptoms.”

(hat tip: a blog around the clock)

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