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My Talk at Dartmouth and “Grand Projects”

[Originally sent to the Study Hacks Newsletter on 2/8/07]

I recently gave a talk at Dartmouth College, where I covered many of the
big picture conclusions I’ve developed concerning the college experience.
Some students requested that I post my slides online — so I did. You can
find them at:

Feel free to do what you want with them.

For this talk I was able to go beyond the nitty-gritty technical details
(which I so love) and discuss some bigger ideas, such as how to take an
idea you are passionate about and transform it into a head-turning
accomplishment (referred to in HOW TO WIN as a “Grand Project”).

I think this is an interesting topic, and I’m currently putting together a
post that summarizes a recent survey I conducted where asked some of the most accomplished young people I know to try to explain what’s the difference between a “doer” and a “dreamer.” Expect this post within 7-10 days.

6 thoughts on “My Talk at Dartmouth and “Grand Projects””

  1. Cal,
    Those slides are legendary, so meaningful to me even just as plain slides.

    Well. after longer than 8 months reading your stuff (today 2009) including The Red Book, I can consider you a good friend of mine… and believe me that sharing your knowledge like you do triggers the same desire for me to contribute.

    So, after I got to know your lifestyle I’ve become also obsessed with this utopia of the Zen Valedictorian. This is something you cannot have a clear finish point nor progress indicator, so I focus on what I do everyday. Changing lifestyle for better has been a great advice from you.

    Good job!

  2. Is this Cal’s very first post on Study Hacks? If not, which one is and how can I get to it? I plan on reading each post and want to start from the beginning.

    Thanks <


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