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Announcing My New Book and Important Changes to Study Hacks

Third Time’s a CharmBook Deal

I’m happy to announce that my long rumored third book will be published. I can’t share too many details yet because I haven’t actually signed the contract, but I can reveal that it focuses on the Zen Valedictorian approach to high school and college admissions. Expect to hear a lot more about this project in the near future.

As you might imagine, however, work on this new book will eat up much of the time I have set aside for writing, which includes work on this blog. (As a follower of fixed-schedule productivity, the amount of time I spend on this part of my life is fixed in advance. If I add new projects, I have to reduce old work to make room.)

As a result, there will be a few minor changes to Study Hacks:

  1. I can no longer promise three posts a week.
  2. Instead, I will try to have at least one high quality post per week. Many weeks I will still have two or three posts, some weeks, however, I may have no posts.
  3. Because of this more flexible schedule, I will no longer use the “Monday Master Class” header. I will, however, still keep the consistent reporting of tactical study advice a top priority.

I’m hoping that this slightly reduced posting schedule won’t turn away too many readers. If anything, it should improve the quality of posts now that I no longer feel obligated to churn out three a week. My commitment to Study Hacks is unwavering, and I plan to continue my quest to both grow my audience and improve the quality of what I produce here.

I hope you’re willing to stick around for the ride…

[Update: As long I’m writing an administrative post, I should mention that Study Hacks is now being featured on the college category of the Alltop web content aggregator. I recommend checking out the other sites featured there.]

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