Study Hacks Fall Line-Up

I’m planning for a big week here at Study Hacks as we move into the start of the new school year. You can expect the following posts over the next few days:

  • A brand new If I could do it again interview.
  • The premiere post in the College Chronicles series, in which we follow a small group of students through the first half of their semester,  then give their study habits a complete overhaul, and then see how life improves. (I’m not sold on this name yet, if you have a better idea than “College Chronicles,” please share!)
  • A guest post by student technology guru Gideon of fame.
  • The introduction of a new Q & A series in which I answer reader questions.
  • Some shameless begging in which I encourage you to help me spread the word to a new crop of students.

Coming up this fall season:

  • More College Chronicles posts: giving us an insider’s view on the challenges of  balancing studying and real life.
  • More If I Could Do it Again Interviews.
  • More Dangerous Ideas.
  • More reader Q & A.
  • More guest posts from other student productivity experts around the web.

Stay tuned. And, if you get a chance, tell your friends!

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