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What Firefox Should Have Done in the First Place has posted a good comprehensive list of academic-related plug-ins for Firefox. The interested student can pick and choose from this menu. This seems to make more sense than just choosing three at random. Though, to give Firefox credit, Paul Kim recently commented that the FF team will be adding a detailed list of this style to FF Campus Edition FAQs. My irrational anger has been officially dispelled.

One plug-in that didn’t make the list, but has caught my attention recently, is BlueOrganizer. According to the official website: “[BlueOrganizer] helps you save time by navigating the web via smart, context-sensitive shortcuts.”

I have no idea what that means.

But what I do know is that, among other things, it seems to let you send books automatically to your Amazon Wish List (excellent) and get automatic Google Map look-ups of addresses you encounter (also excellent).

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