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I am Looking for a PhD Student

Excuse this abuse of the blog for personal reasons, but

I’m looking for a computer science PhD student for next fall.

If you’re planning on graduate school, and want to make an impact with your research, and are interested in learning firsthand the Cal Newport approach to work and life, contact me at my Georgetown address: cnewport [at]

You can find out more about my work here and see past publications here.



6 thoughts on “I am Looking for a PhD Student”

  1. Sorry, I haven’t kept on for a while; you’re at Georgetown now? Postdoc? Faculty? Let us know if you give any lectures/talks (I’m in the area)!

  2. Tom – I like where you’re going!
    Yes, pick me….if you happen to change your mind and do historical, archaeological, or linguistics! Preferably Middle Eastern. That would make my day.


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