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Around the Web: The Return of The Genius in All of Us

One of my favorite blogs is The Genius in All of Us. Written by author David Shenk, it accompanies the research process for an upcoming book that will chronicle: “How science is unveiling a rich new understanding of talent, giftedness, and brilliance.”

The topic is relevant to this blog. One of the biggest obstacles to revamping your study habits is overcoming the mistaken belief that you are simply not “smart” enough to score top grades.

Anyway, after a long break, David has returned to blogging by way of a new post on how the media often misreports the connection between genes and I.Q.:

David Brooks Gets Intelligence Right — But Genetics Wrong

The money quote:

What statistical studies like Devlin’s miss is that genes actually do not pass any complex traits down on their own. The expression and regulation of genes, biologists now understand, is entirely dependent on their interaction with the environment. You cannot separate one from the other. There is no “nature vs. nurture.”

Check him out…

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