Study Hacks Goes to Canada

Study, ‘Eh?

Greetings from Toronto! I’m here presenting a paper at a computer science conference. You would think I would have loads of free internet-connected time, but the opposite seems to be holding true. Accordingly, I won’t be keeping up with the normal posting schedule this week. I hope to get up a Monday Master Class tonight, and maybe one other post while here. But it won’t be the normal 3 posts a week with prompt comment moderation that I try to provide.

I’ll also be deciding on the College Chronicles volunteers while here and announce the the chosen students on Monday (I’ve had close to 30 volunteers so far!) I’m very excited for the new season.
Wish me luck on my talk…

5 thoughts on “Study Hacks Goes to Canada”

  1. Wow! I’ve always been a Study Hacks reader (uhm…actually it’s my homepage xD, it’s nice to see what you update!) and it’s awesome you’re in Toronto! I’m from…well, not Toronto, but a little sub-urban area like less than an hour away?

    Holy! Toronto! This is so cool! Welcome to Canada!
    Don’t overuse ‘eh’ by the way, just a little tip, haha. Enjoy your stay! (So many exclamation marks…I assure you I’m not usually this…exclamatory?)

    But, yeah, welcome to Toronto!

  2. Welcome to my beautiful city!!!
    Enjoy it and make the time to check out some of the cool events we have this week. (Suggestion: Chinese Lantern festival)


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