I’m Off to Brazil

A Southern Journey

I’m leaving tomorrow for a one week computer science conference in Brazil. I will almost definitely have Internet access, but my time will be limited, so please excuse the fact that I will be slow to moderate comments and respond to e-mails for the next week.

Fear not, however, I have the last 4 Weeks to a 4.0 post ready to go live on Monday and a backlog of finals diaries and other exciting posts that will go up soon after I return.

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “I’m Off to Brazil”

  1. Have a great trip! I’ve been meaning to let you know for a awhile how useful your website is to me. I am not a college student at this time, but I am a teacher, and I find that I can adapt almost everything I read here to improve my personal life and my professional life. Bravo–keep the ideas coming!


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