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One Step Closer to a World Without Email

My new book, A World Without Email, was released two weeks ago. I’m pleased to announce that it was an immediate New York Times bestseller, so I want to thank you, my long time readers, for supporting this launch.

I thought before I return to my regularly scheduled programming (trust me, I’m eager to start writing on topic others than just email), it might be useful to round up a few of the more interesting articles and interviews about the book from the launch week.

So here we go…

Featured Articles Written By Me

  • “Email is Making Us Miserable,” The New Yorker
  • “Email and Slack Have Locked Us in a Productivity Paradox ,” WIRED
  • “Had It With Email? Give Personal Office Hours a Try,” Fast Company
  • “Stop Giving Clients Your Personal Email. Here’s Why,” Entrepreneur

Featured Reviews

  • “The Battle with the Inbox,” Wall Street Journal
  • “Email Broke the Office. Here’s how to Fix It.” GQ
  • “Technology has Turned Back the Clock on Productivity,” The Financial Times
  • “The Scourge of Work Email is Far Worse Than You Think,” The Financial Times
  • “Can we really banish email from the workplace? Author Cal Newport says yes,” Fortune
  • “How to drastically reduced the time you spend on emails,” Fast Company
  • “The Man Who Thinks We Should Ignore Our Email,” The Sunday Times
  • “A World Without Email by Cal Newport review — overthrowing the tyranny of email,” The Times of London

Featured Interviews

10 thoughts on “One Step Closer to a World Without Email”

  1. Your book “A world without email” is a fantastic resource Cal. I actually bought two copies, one to give to our CEO with whom I work closely, so that we can brainstorm on how to upgrade the workflows at our firm.

    For anyone interested, I’ve been making some videos, breaking down Cal’s email and time-blocking recommendations, into step by step, animated workflows.

    Latest one:
    “Cal Newport email workflows – How to reduce email back and forth”

  2. It seems like you didn’t include it because it was not a super email-centric article but I really loved “The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done,” piece you published in the New Yorker. Really good background to the workplace philosophy that has forced us to accept email overload.

    • Holy bottom-feeding troll Batman!

      First you troll about the planner, telling people to “read the reviews,” while it has a 4.3/5 rating and the vast majority of us like it. Then you spam several posts with comments about social media sites “banning conservatives,” without mentioning why *cough* inciting insurrection *cough*. Now, you’re trolling a post by an author who is giving links out to places where his new book has been discussed/reviewed either by himself or others.

      What is wrong with you? How desperate for attention/approval do you have to be to sink to this kind of behavior on someone’s blog? While you’re at it, stop citing a biblical passage about living on the proper moral foundations as a means of promoting your home inspection company.

      Grow up.

  3. Hey Cal, can’t wait to read this book! Gonna order it now.

    I have your time block planner arriving in the mail today. I assume you also use a calendar in your system?? Could you write an article on how you use this planner in tandem with a calendar for a holistic time management system?

    Thank you again!

  4. This looks great! Can’t wait to read it.

    I have your time-blocking journal arriving in the mail today. I assume you use a calendar with it as well? Could you post an article explaining how you use both the time-blocking journal and the calendar for a more holistic time-management system?

    Thanks again!

  5. I’ve been a reader since high school starting with ‘How To Be a High School Superstar” and then in college with “How To Win At College.” Looking forward to this especially with the timing as I grow my startup focusing on combating fatigue from emails and work overload in the cybersecurity space. Hope you’re well!

  6. Hi Cal and everybody !

    I pre-ordered my copy July 6th 2020 on Amazon, but unfortunately, almost 1 month after the release date, i didn’t receive it yet… maybe it’s because i live in France, and most of the copies are reserved for the North American / UK / Australian market ?

    Did anyone have the same problem ?

    Anyway, i look forward to read your book.

    Have a nice day.


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